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Change the way drivers interact with the road and environment to create safer outcomes with our Smart Dashcam

Compliance-Driven Fleet Management Solutions

Our team of industry experts is on top of ever-changing laws and compliance matters so you can focus on your business.

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Fleet Compliance Solutions

Protect your people, your assets, and your business

With real-time alerts, simplified communication and workflow, automated logging, and detailed reporting, you can rest assured knowing your employees are safe and your fleet is meeting or surpassing all government standards. Get everything you need to create a culture of safety for your company in one system.

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Compliance Manager Software 1017X601 Tca

Compliance Management Tools

Make the most of telematics software for effective compliance management

Electronic Work Diary & Fatigue

EWD & Compliance

With electronic work diaries (EWDs), you can make compliance easier than ever all while enabling drivers to get on the job by taking the complexity out of calculating rules. Our team of industry specialists, with decades of combined experience, is uniquely equipped to get your road to success. 

Teletrac Navman fleet monitoring solutions provide an all-in-one easy-to-use platform that allows you to keep your vehicles and drivers efficient, from enabling the most efficient routes that reduces distance driven, keeping fuel costs low and provides valuable insight to ensure you have the right sized fleet to meet your business demands.

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Checklists & Maintenance

Inspections In Real-Time

With the ability to complete pre-start checklists electronically, workshop staff are instantly notified allowing them to flag vehicles that require immediate maintenance before they leave the yard. This ensure all vehicles are safely operated while on the road. 

Teletrac Navman's fleet management software also provides a complete vehicle maintenance module that manages a vehicles odometer or engine hours as it travels in order for you to schedule work on vehicles that require maintaining when they actually need it, rather than guessing or contacting drivers. 

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Mass, Dimension & Load

Mass, Dimension & Load

Mass management is an important facet of any operation. With both efficiency and compliance implications, being able to record this information electronically gives a huge variety of benefits. Drivers will be able to record axle-group mass and vehicle configuration information direction into the in-cab device. This automation means previous manual processes are removed, a reduction in duplication and the ability to receive real-time information to help ensure you meet Chain of Responsibility (COR) obligations and NHVAS requirements. 

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Driver Behaviour & Speed

Driver Behaviour

The Chain of Responsibility (CoR) ensures that everyone from the driver to the CEO is responsible for compliance within the organisation, keeping New Zealand roads safe. Traditionally, we have relied on drivers being deterred by speeding infringements and loss of demerit points. 

Telematics and in-vehicle devices are designed with the driver in mind, helping to ensure they're able to continue to work both safely and efficiently. No more calculating fatigue manually, reduce speeding infringements, and digitising the workflow all help to improve driver behaviour and proficiency.

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Fuel Costs 570X543

Fuel Tax Credits & Rebates

FTC Manager enables your business to streamline fuel tax credit claims with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and maximise claim value with full transparency and auditability. FTC Manager puts money back into your business, saves valuable time, minimises paperwork and eliminates guesswork.

The solutions will calculate on-and off-road travel percentages but still require significant work to convert them into actual FTC claim amounts. It accurately captures on-road travel, off-road travel, off-road idle and auxiliary fuel use.

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Regulatory Programs

Type-Approved and Ready to Go

Ensuring the business is optimally running is one thing. Ensuring you're doing everything you can to ensure that is another. With a regulatory program, you can provide the means for your business to improve productivity. There's a variety of programs to suit your needs, from IAP right through to TMA and Farm Gate. Expand the list on the right to find out more!

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Improve your road network access with one program

The Intelligent Access Program, commonly referred to as the IAP, is a program that allows transport operators to gain access to the road network and increased payload in return for monitoring compliance with specific access conditions via approved telematics. Why? This provides transport operators with an opportunity to boost productivity, turnaround times and profits by increasing road access or mass allowances in exchange for compliance.

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Enable your transport business to be more productive

The Telematics Monitoring Application (TMA), a scheme run by Transport Certification Australia (TCA), is a form of monitoring heavy vehicles by providing a lower level of assurance for lower risk activities that require monitoring. TMA is designed to provide a level of balance between the business and the road managers, with a level of productivity and safety to improve the way our roads are accessed and utilised.

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Road Infrastructure Management (RIM)

An Application of the National Telematics Framework

Road Infrastructure Management (RIM) is an application that provides a new way of collecting road use data from vehicles to better inform and optimise the management of road networks.

RIM is a low-cost application that monitors parameters of location, time and identity. Analysis and reports can include aggregated and de-identified data, and show trends across a network.

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Farm Gate 

Farm Gate Access in NSW

Getting the most of your vehicles is not just about the type of vehicle you run. Ensuring you’re enrolled in the correct program can reduce the red-tape and ensures you’re able to operate at maximum potential. This is especially true with last-mile access within NSW’s Farm Gate Project.

Driven by industry needs and developed in conjunction with associations, the NHVR and local councils, Farm Gate is designed to improve freight productivity by connecting first and last mile journeys direct to the farm gate. It introduces conditional access for HPV’s (high productivity vehicles) transport grain and livestock on council roads in participating areas.

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Interim On-Board Mass Program and Access in Australia

The Interim OBM monitoring solution for compliance purposes supports the use of Performance Based Standards (PBS) 2B heavy vehicle combinations on selected routes. The vehicles, once registered with the OBM monitoring solution, can allow for an increased load to be carried as well as unprecedented access to the Australian road network.

The program provides operators with the opportunity to increase payload and utilise vehicle combinations that have not been previously possible, including PBS A-Doubles, Truck and Dogs, and Road Trains.

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National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS)

Get On Board with the NHVAS

The NHVAS is a formal process for recognising operators who have robust safety and other management systems in place. Heavy vehicle operators can apply for accreditation under the following modules - mass management, maintenance management, fatigue management (basic or advanced). 

Teletrac Navman's fleet management solution and in-vehicle driver tool help you, as an operator, manage the business and driver requirements of you electronically. 

A-Doubles on Greenmount Hill WA

Gain access to the productivity benefits that come with A-Doubles

For Greenmount Hill, between Great Eastern Highway between Northam Road Train Assembly Area (RTAA) and Roe Highway Midvale, Main Roads Heavy Vehicle Services (HVS) now allows 36.5-meter A-Doubles at Level 3 Concessional Mass Limits (CML). Subject to several conditions outlined by Main Roads HVS, Teletrac Navman can help you gain access to the benefits that this can provide you with technology available to you today.

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Digital Solutions

Everything you need to keep your fleet moving smoothly

fbt fringe benefits tax

Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT)

Use electronic logging to automatically record FBT data for your vehicles.

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electronic documents

Electronic Documents

Cut out the paperwork and manage documents digitally across your fleet.

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fuel tax credits

Fuel Tax Credits

Get more accurate fuel tax credit rebates with a solution that helps you track on-and-off road use.

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Keep Your Drivers Risk-Free and Maintain Fatigue Compliance

In today’s modern transport operation, real-time fatigue information provides the driver and the business with an edge, ensuring the business can be efficient and compliant. Yet traditional fatigue management solutions still require the driver to complete a written work diary, meaning the business is still required to manage a manual workflow.

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fatigue electronic work diary EWD system

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The drivers really like the applications, particularly the EWD, because it gives them feedback about their status and the number of hours they have left before a break or the end of a shift.

- Jeff Sherriff, National Transport Manager, Fulton Hogan

We’ve seen a huge decrease in fatigue breaches, using the electronic log books. They let us better keep track of driver hours. We match up the real data with the physical logbooks and the drivers are getting better and better at logging their time and maintaining safe hours.

- Ange Marlow, Administration Manager, Porthaul

Frequently Asked Questions

Knowledge to keep your business compliant

A Safety Management System (SMS) is the documented version of all the safety procedures for a business. When it comes to complying with various safety legislation, it’s incredibly important to have an up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive document that can be referred to in the event of an audit.

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To keep your fleet compliant, you need to keep accurate records of driver and vehicle licenses, cargo weight, mileage, time spent on the road, and passenger information. Asset and fleet management lets you centrally and securely store all compliance records.

Monitoring driver behaviors via instant alerts gives you the ability to understand driver performance for improved coaching and training. The ability to provide low-distraction coaching aids in real-time enforces and empowers a culture of safety.

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