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Electronic Work Diaries

Replace your written work diaries with an approved digital electronic work diary solution to meet your fatigue management requirements


​Real-Time Electronic Work Diary Solution

Keep Your Drivers Risk-Free and Maintain Fatigue Compliance

In today’s modern transport operation, real-time fatigue information provides the driver and the business with an edge, ensuring the business can be efficient and compliant. Yet traditional fatigue management solutions still require the driver to complete a written work diary, meaning the business is still required to manage a manual workflow.

Teletrac Navman’s Electronic Work Diary is an NHVR-approved fatigue solution that provides the driver the sole source of fatigue information, dispensing with the need to complete a written work diary.

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fatigue electronic work diary EWD system

Complete Driver Breakdown

Live Fatigue

Get real-time fatigue information for each of your drivers to better understand driver hours.

Visualised Fatigue Reporting

Your Questions

With natural language search available through the AI-powered dashboard, you get visual insights into your fatigue management.

Drill into the Data

No Noise,
Just Clarity

With the ability to mould the data your way, you can choose parameters outside of just fatigue to help you further see what you didn’t know


Managing fatigue is often easier said than done

formula chemicals using an EWD

While drivers may be comfortable with written work diaries, they can be fraught with inaccuracies, and rely on an individual’s interpretation of the fatigue rules, and the understanding and ability to calculate work and rest period requirements.

Depending on a driver’s schedule, the back-office may only lay eyes on written work diary days, or even weeks after jobs are complete, when it’s too late to directly address any problems. Furthermore, keeping track of Australia’s complicated legislation can be a job in itself, especially when it’s constantly being refined – and certain states like Western Australia that have their own fatigue rules, creating confusion for those crossing the border.

These challenges can be overcome with the use of Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs), which deliver a multitude of safety, cost and time-saving benefits. While EWDs have traditionally been used to record work and rest hours in addition to a written work diary. Today, EWD solutions are available and approved by the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) that can be solely used, without a PWD, to manage driver fatigue.

"We’ve seen a huge decrease in fatigue breaches using the Electronic Work Diaries. They let us better keep track of driver hours. We match up the real data with the physical logbooks and the drivers are getting better and better at logging their time and maintaining safe hours.”

Ange Marlow, Administration Manager, Porthaul


A solution that operates within a vehicle as a tool to help the driver comply

The driver is able to view their current status, tap to start work or rest during every journey, view rest break calculations, available work hours and all relevant data on the device. An EWD offers a number of advantages over written work diary.

Safety & Proactivity

Taking breaks while driving is important for your health and safety. With EWDs, drivers are notified before a rest break is required based on their work hours completed, making it easier for drivers and businesses to ensure compliance. EWDs make fatigue easy to understand by breaking down the fatigue rules based on the driver’s real-time status and giving them enough information to make the best possible decisions on the road.

Audits & Reports

With an EWD, you are able to treat each day as if an audit is about to occur, with real-time information at your fingertips. Reports are compiled in a few simple clicks and easily exported. Additionally, driver non-compliance and outcomes an be recorded. This means time wasted combing through piles of misfiled, damaged or lost paperwork is eliminated. It automates the audit process, removing duplication and data-entry errors.

Real-time Data

Traditionally, written work diaries aren’t handed to back office staff until the end of shift, which can often be days later. Once the logbook has been checked, only then do you have the chance to say, “This breach is pretty serious, let’s sit down and talk about it.” At that stage, your driver may not remember what happened, where, or even why. With EWDs, drivers have access to immediate information and customisable alerting to make sure work and rest hours are being complied with.


Having access to real-time fatigue information across your entire fleet helps you to correctly allocate jobs while allowing appropriate work and rest times. It lets you assign jobs based on available hours and removes the guesswork from your driver’s schedules. This provides a new level of assurance in knowing that your drivers aren’t over worked and will be completing the journey within legal limits.

Cost Savings

As a digital solution, EWDs remove the cost of labour-intensive paperwork entirely, as driver information is automatically synced as it’s collected. By reducing the admin involved in manual log book checking it saves your business time and money. It reduces interruption to the driver’s work, and makes processes simpler. Your efforts can be put into more strategic initiatives such as winning new contracts, while further improving safety initiatives.


The same device that delivers you the EWD solution also centralises a variety of tools for drivers, providing a platform where they can complete checklists, receive messages, record progress of jobs and complete necessary forms – all on a single device. It streamlines driver processes and makes life that much simpler!

“The administration side of things has improved 100 per cent. Previously, we were doing double the data entry, as drivers would compile their own information and back-office staff would have to enter it into our systems. Now, this no longer has to be done twice, and staff have more time to concentrate on what they’re supposed to be working on.”

Scott Guthrie, Systems Manager, Mt Noorat Freighters


With EWDs, you can provide the tools for drivers to manage work and rest

The manual process behind keeping written work diaries can become a burden for back office staff and drivers – particularly when you’re managing a large-scale business. Staying on top of compliance and safety can be incredibly challenging.

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in vehicle EWD solution

Complete Driver Interface

Live Fatigue Data For Drivers

Drivers get real-time work and rest information to help them better manage their own fatigue compliance.

Event & Rule Information

Insights Based On Status

With complete event and rule data based on the ruleset and driver hours, all help to provide complete picture to the driver.

Real-Time Feedback

Alerts, Before

Proactively get ahead of your hours and get alerted when you require a rest break based on the ruleset.


What makes our EWD solution so great?


Increase Productivity
& Efficiency

Reduce Compliance Events & Risk

Transform Your Business

  • Thorough compliance workflow for the driver, providing an easy-to-use process when stopped by enforcement.
  • Complete fatigue summary information, including work and rest breakdowns, rule information, and more.
  • Range of fatigue reporting available that break data into easy-to-read visual formatting.
  • Understand available hours by driver to safely allocate work.
  • Know drivers can complete their assigned trips instead of being held up and out of hours.
  • Rules calculated independent of the phone network, giving the driver real-time fatigue information at all times.
  • Ability for the driver to update their fatigue status as they complete their journey, as well as edit or add fatigue events direct from the device.
  • Audio and visual prompts when a rest break is required, based on event history and their fatigue ruleset.
  • Configurable to a driver’s fatigue rule set, from standard, BFM and Bus.
  • Provides the ability to audit work diaries with Sentinel’s data for accurate driver fatigue.
  • Comprehensive fatigue dashboard for each driver’s real-time and historical fatigue information.
  • Real-time alerts that are easy to set-up across the organisation, received via SMS, email or within the fleet management system.
  • Back-office fatigue dashboard broken down by driver to view real-time fatigue.
  • Rules calculated independent of the phone network, giving the driver real-time fatigue information at all times.


Sophisticated Solutions to Meet Requirements


NHVR-Approved EWD

Operating within a fully featured in-cabin environment, the driver has the power to manage their fatigue directly via a digital system. It provides up-to-date information and a complete compliance workflow for enforcement, giving the driver confidence of their compliance within an easy-to-use system. With a long list of features that provide the business with flexibility to operate productively. Better allocation of tasks and accountability of work hours, Teletrac Navman’s Electronic Work Diary powers the operation to proactively manage fatigue and compliance.

  • NHVR-approved EWD, meaning the driver is no longer required to complete a written work diary.
  • Thorough compliance workflow for the driver, providing an easy-to-use process when stopped by enforcement.
  • Ability for the driver to update their fatigue status as they complete their journey, as well as edit or add fatigue events direct from the device.


Digital Fatigue Management

Teletrac Navman’s Sentinel is a digital fatigue management solution designed to help drivers keep track of their work and rest hours. At the same time, it gives businesses real-time transparency of when drivers are available to better schedule jobs. It gives real-time insight into available hours, fatigue summary information, rest break requirements and more. With real-time driver feedback for upcoming rest breaks or violations, drivers can use the information to better plan their journey while on the road. If a driver goes into breach, real-time back-office alerts are generated allowing for appropriate action to be taken.

  • Ability to record work and rest times direct to the device to get real-time fatigue status information to complete the driver’s work diary with ease.
  • Configurable to a driver’s fatigue rule set, from standard, BFM, Bus and AFM. 
  • Meets all the requirements of WA Main Roads as a fatigue recording system.


Want to find out more about EWDs?

There’s a lot to know and learn about. Here’s some more information!

Fulton Hogan EWD


How to improve fatigue management with NHVR-approved Electronic Work Diaries

Fatigue is a silent killer. Research suggests that 20-30 per cent of fatal collisions involve driver fatigue, but its role is more difficult to quantify than speed or alcohol. This statistic is certainly an underestimate. Drill down into the data and the figures are startling. According to the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), fatigue is the cause of approximately 50 deaths and 300 serious injuries each year in Victoria alone. In New South Wales, fatigue contributed to 76 deaths in 2017, 90 per cent of which were on country roads.

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