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Equipment Operator Safety


Managing Equipment Safety

Get the visibility you need to keep your jobsite safe and operational

Our equipment management solutions enables you to improve jobsite safety by ensuring scheduled equipment maintenance is completed, heavy equipment is being operated safety and safety incidents are recorded and acted on. In addition, you gain the data to ensure your crew is using your heavy equipment and other vehicles efficiently.

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Jobsite Safety Macbook

Stay On Top of Maintenance

Digitise your maintenance process

Ensure that scheduled maintenance is completed, operator inspections are taking place and any issues are resolved quickly. With digital records of all inspection reports and completed maintenance, you will always have the information you need.

Jobsite Compliance
Heavy Equipment Safety

Track Safety Incidents

Customizable form solution

With our mobile forms app you can create a digitised safety incident log, so events can be easily recorded, shared, and acted on. Implement a robust way of recording work-related injuries, near misses, or general safety hazards.

Operator Management

Eliminate paper processes

Keep on top of operator licenses, training and other requirements with an operator management system. Also, ensure that your operators are keeping heavy equipment in designated locations, are minimising engine idling and that all important communications are being read by your team.

Operator Management

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