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Safety & Compliance

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Working with fleets means working with a large staff who operate a number of heavy vehicles. That’s a lot to look after! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about how you can ensure your business is both safe and stays compliant.


How do I use GPS truck tracking to improve safety and compliance?

Working with fleets means working with a large staff who operate a number of heavy vehicles. That’s a lot to look after! GPS tracking offers a wide array of distinct dashboard features through our DIRECTOR software to assist with these needs.

What are the dashboard features?

The Dashboard features ensure that your drivers are operating your assets in a safe and efficient manner all whilst being compliant. They allow for:

  • Vehicle upkeep:
    • DIRECTOR's vehicle inspection module offers a powerful way to optimise service schedules to keep your vehicles maintained to the highest standards.
  • Compliant work:
    • DIRECTOR puts all compliance requirements in one platform and provides clear data for managers to base their decisions.
  • Visibility around driver habits:
    • DIRECTOR's Driver Scorecards quantify driver performance and rank drivers against company safety standards.
  • Mapping insights:
    • Mapping features provide businesses with full visibility into vehicle locations and activity—regardless of fleet size or type—empowering companies to maximise their operational efficiency and productivity

How does GPS truck tracking help modify driver behaviour?

Vehicle tracking gives fleet management the power to identify poor driving to improve driver behaviour and safety and make informed decisions. With reports that display information on speeding, harsh braking, acceleration and cornering, a business is able understand the way fleet vehicles are being driven. By using insight to improve activities on the road, businesses frequently experience a reduction of fuel costs and accidents.

  • Promote safer driving and reduce accidents
  • Utilise data to deliver effective driver training
  • Reduce the likelihood of accidents and make fuel savings

With DIRECTOR, you can even create a driver coaching program to inspire safer driving. The platform provides fleet managers with driver behaviour scores that demonstrate each driver’s rankings against the fleet. Managers can then use this data to coach, correct and achieve improved driver behaviour.

Will GPS truck tracking help me stay on top of my maintenance needs?

It’s not only practical to keep up with maintenance needs, it’s a legal requirement for doing business. Our DIRECTOR software offers assistance with following procedures and maintains records specifically to help drivers and fleet managers remain on the right track.

  • Maintenance alerts and communications keep you updated on the status of your assets helping your company meet compliance requirements with ease
  • Inspection module for tracking service, optimising schedules
  • Reduction or elimination of paperwork
  • Display for quick roadside inspection

Can you explain how the “Driver Coaching Programs” work?

We've learned that by providing employees the tools to be successful, engaged and happy, managers can create a loyal working environment and reduce turnover. These three simple steps will help you implement a driver safety program in your business:

  • Identify the obstacles in your fleet that stem from poor driving
    • Rising accident rates
    • A number of fines related to speeding and other unsafe events
    • Growing maintenance costs
    • High rates of vehicle depreciation
    • Inefficient vehicle use
  • Discuss driving habits with drivers
    • Show drivers their performance trends with scorecards
    • Replay unsafe events so drivers understand their own behaviour
    • Help drivers realise the financial impact of their actions
  • Create a plan to reward better driving
    • Create safety goals for drivers to hit
    • Track progress with Driver Scorecards
    • Reward progress with predetermined incentives

Will GPS truck tracking assist with FTC Management?

Upkeep on Australian roads is funded by fuel taxes that everyone pays when they fill up at the bowser. Fuel Tax Credits provide businesses with a credit for the tax included in the fuel you use for your business activities. Businesses are able to claim tax fuel credits for business activities in:

  • Heavy vehicles
  • Light vehicles travelling off public roads or on private roads.
  • Machinery
  • Plant
  • Equipment

To make a refund claim, you need highly accurate data, and managing the process manually can be time-consuming. Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR makes this simple and seamless, reducing paperwork and putting more money in your back pocket.

How can I simplify compliance with truck tracking?

Fleet compliance can be complex. The amount of regulation and legislation a company has to adhere to varies from one industry to the next, but for fleet managers, complying with the law is paramount. Truck tracking can help, it can make compliance easy, accurate and automated by bringing all compliance management into a single application.

  • Streamline compliance needs
  • Align processes with policy
  • Simplify complex compliance regulations