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Regulatory Telematics and Compliance Programs

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Regulatory Telematics in Modern Transport

What Technology and compliance programs can do for you

Productivity, efficiency and safety are key drivers for continual growth in Australia’s transport and logistics industries. However, achieving this growth is complicated by the fact that businesses are required to operate within the bounds of regulatory and/or compliance requirements across several different programs, jurisdictions, and states. Complying with a myriad of programs, rules and regulations in a paperbased environment is laborious. Technology not only assists with these tasks but when used intelligently, gives transport operators a business edge.

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Regulatory and compliance programs benefit operators in several ways, from automating requirements to delivering improved payload, increased productivity, or even last-mile road access

- Anthony Laras, Regulatory Program & Sales Enablement Manager, Teletrac Navman

Thanks to type-approved telematics, staying compliant and increasing productivity often go hand-in-hand and are goals within reach. While some regulatory programs help to maintain Australia’s road network, others are there to improve transport operations and make businesses more efficient.

Regulatory programs and compliance management benefit operators in several ways, from automating requirements to delivering improved payload, increased productivity, and better road access. No two businesses are the same, and while compliance programs provide certain features, they benefit operations in differently based on their requirements.

What are type-approved and regulatory telematics?

Type-approved telematics refers to a specialty certification that telematics devices and their providers undertake to provide a level of assurance and surety of the data produced. The data collected is shared securely with road management bodies to manage infrastructure risk and allow road access to compliant transport operators. Telematics is a type of in-vehicle technology that provides road managers and regulators with data. The collected information helps to ensure businesses are complying with requirements that grant additional road access, increased payload and more.

Compliance programs –
which one is right for you?

Across Australia, there are many regulatory and compliance programs that have different business and technology requirements.

The variety of programs allows businesses to apply, fit necessary telematics and reap the benefits based on which meet their needs. Download the free eBook to find out which program, or programs, suit your business and business requirements. 

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