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Teletrac Navman

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Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ)

Teletrac Navman is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for all its workers (defined under legislation as employees, contractors, and visitors), as well as the broader community.

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Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality (HSEQ)

Our Commitment to Quality Standards

At Teletrac Navman, we are committed to providing a safe and environmentally responsible workplace for our workers, contractors, and the wider community. We are also committed to achieving quality standards that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.


Teletrac Navman aims to provide products and services that meet customer requirements, and endeavours to ensure its activities and products comply with legislation and relevant Australian and International Standards. Through reviewing our processes and health and safety performance, we strive to continuously to improve our workplace safety standards and safety culture.

Our aim is to eliminate incidents and injuries in the workplace and to create a healthy and positive workplace environment. We are committed to supporting both physical and psychological safety in our workplaces.

Teletrac Navman leverages 25 years of telematics experience to help customers enhance business performance and lower operating costs through solutions that improve fleet management.

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Health and Safety

To achieve our health and safety objectives we aim to:

• Comply with WHS Legislation and other legal requirements (including industry Standards and Codes of Practice).

• Consult and communicate with workers regarding Health & Safety issues.

• Meet the requirements of ISO 45001.

• Enhance the skills, knowledge, and commitment of our workers, who include our employees, contractors and suppliers.

• Apply Risk Management processes that identify, evaluate and control risks with the specific aim of hazard elimination or the reduction of risk.

• Provide each Teletrac Navman worker with appropriate Health & Safety training, equipment and support to consistently perform their duties in a safe manner.

• Support all workers in understanding and dutifully undertaking their Health & Safety duty of care / due diligence responsibilities.

• Set clear safety objectives and targets to support the continuous improvement of our Health & Safety system.

• Be acknowledged as a good corporate citizen concerned for the safety and well-being of all our workers, contractors and visitors.


To achieve our environmental policy, we will:

• Comply with environmental legislation and other applicable environmental requirements.

• Proactively pursue the minimisation of environmental impacts associated with our activities, products and services.

• Endeavour to eliminate polluting emissions or discharges into the environment.

• Continually strive for improvement and the prevention of pollution through the environmental performance of our activities, products and services and through the integration of environmental objectives with our business activities.

• Source and research environmentally compatible products, which are sustainable and provide minimal disruption across their life cycle (production, installation, removal, disposal).


To achieve our quality standards, Teletrac Navman have established, and will maintain, an effective quality management system that emphasises the importance of:

• Meeting the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015.

• Demonstrating our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet our customers’ expectations and applicable regulatory requirements.

• Enhancing customer satisfaction through effective application of the HSEQ system.

• Developing quality objectives that will support a continual improvement approach to the quality management system.

• Monitoring the performance of the quality management system through objective measurements and regularly reviewing its suitability and effectiveness.