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Teletrac Navman


How Tech Helps Australian Fleets Meet Their Goals
In the recent 2019 Telematics Benchmark Report, Teletrac Navman spoke with more 2,000 fleet operators and fleet management professionals.
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The Real Benefits Of Telematics
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Telematics For Construction
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The Real All-Star Behind Red Bull Race Team’s Success
In the world of supercar racing, every second counts and drivers can’t afford any mishaps. It’s more than being the fastest on the track.
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Q&A: Evidentiary Data - What It Is And Why It Matters
Your vehicles are capable of capturing tons of useful data with telematics.It’s a proven way to turn data into actionable insights.
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5 Steps to Get Your Business Ready for the Changes to the Chain of Responsibility
Changes to Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation are fast approaching.In October, the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) will be amended to make every party in the transport supply chain responsible for safety.
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How To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Fleets Telematics Data
When you start implementing GPS fleet tracking and other telematic technologies, you discover its great potential for creating actionable insights.
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Telematics: The Missing Piece Of The Driver Safety Puzzle
Your best drivers may even get the best praise from your customers yet this solely isn’t a guarantee that they’re practicing safe driving behaviour at all times
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Why Technology Is the Key to Solving Transport’s Biggest Challenges
The transport and freight industry has long been focused on safety, with fatigue becoming a crucial issue in the last few years.At the same time, a critical skills shortage in the industry has made it more important than ever to tackle safety and cre...
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