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Teletrac Navman


How Tech Helps Australian Fleets Meet Their Goals
In the recent 2019 Telematics Benchmark Report, Teletrac Navman spoke with more 2,000 fleet operators and fleet management professionals.
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The Real Benefits Of Telematics
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Telematics For Construction
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The Most Dangerous Times to be on the Roads of Australia
We’ve examined road fatalities by state in Australia since 2011 to see commonalities in government data and find key risk factors.The results are a bit surprising.     Beware on weekends!
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How Better Access Can Maximise Your Business Operations
Access is a term that you’ll hear all the time in the transport industry, but it’s not always clear what it actually means or how it can benefit your business.
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The Global Carbon Footprint Of Transportation
They also produce toxic carbon dioxide into the earth’s atmosphere contributing to the largest share of greenhouse gases that are associated with global warming. Using telematics, you're able to save somewhere between 5-20% on distance travelled.B...
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Cranes And The World Of Telematics: What You’re Missing Out On
Cranes of all shapes and sizes require constant supervision, ongoing maintenance and continual operation to remain a profitable part of your business.
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Q&A: Compliance Technology And Taking Your Drivers Along For The Ride
Since the introduction of the HVNL and the COR, there’s been a shift in the way compliance technologies are perceived.
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Why Effective Change Management Is Necessary For Success
When your business is operating like a well-oiled machine and everyone knows their role, new technology can disrupt these day-to-day processes.
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