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Using Data Insights To Create A Safer Fleet
Fleet management systems and telematics help to uncover and understand the behaviours of drivers, by monitoring location, speed, fatigue, harsh usage,...
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International Women’s Day 2020 – Why Gender Diversity Matter
International Women’s Day gives us the chance to take a step back and celebrate the amazing accomplishments of women in the workforce.
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Attracting Next Generation To Australia’s Trucking Workforce
Lack of age diversity is an issue that’s threatening the future of the trucking industry.
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Guest Blog: Sharing The Road With Trucks Is A Life-Saving Skill Everyone Needs To Learn
Trucking is a vital part of Australian society.From the furniture in your house to the clothes on your back, everything you’ve ever bought has been transported in a truck – and probably more than one!
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Understanding your Grey Fleet and How to Make it Safer
In the transport industry, it’s easy to assume the greatest risks come from your trucking fleet.After all, heavy vehicles accounted for 136 fatal crashes on Australian roads during 2018, resulting in 154 fatalities. But it’s not just trucks that are ...
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How To Get Your Foot In the Door: Training Opportunities In Transport, Construction And Agriculture
Not a fan of working in an office?Whether you’re 20 and just out of university or 40 and looking for a career change, your next opportunity might just be in an industry you didn’t consider.
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How technology creates a safe working environment on your farm
The agricultural sector is one of Australia’s most important industries, contributing around $60 billion to the economy and employing 1.6 million people.Agricultural workers have a pivotal role to play in the lives of the everyday Australian while ke...
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How FatigueHACK is still leading the fight against fatigue
Last year, Teletrac Navman, in partnership with the Australian Trucking Association and the Canberra Innovation Network, hosted its first hackathon, FatigueHACK
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Behind The Wheel Of A Distracted Driver
    Share this on your blog or website by simply copying and pasting this code on your site. <img src="" alt="Behind The Wheel Of A Distracted Driver - Te...
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