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Why 2018 Will Be The Year of Telematics


2017 was a big year for emerging technologies across a range of industries. Our recent survey of transport executives showed that many consider telematics to be a game changer, with 94 per cent planning to invest in technology within the next year.

Gartner predicts that by 2020, 98 per cent of all vehicles will be connected to the internet. 2018 is right on track with this development. Freight delivery demand has a growth opportunity of over 40 per cent in the near future, and this will only continue to increase. Telematics makes dealing with the increasing workload easier to handle.

Here are three reasons fleet management technology shows no signs of stopping in 2018.

Digital Is The New Normal

Moving to streamlined, paperless workflows for drivers and back office admin is the next natural step for any fleet. Peace of mind and meeting compliance requirements were listed in our survey as the top benefits businesses see when implementing telematics. Fatigue is still a huge issue among fleets, with 82 per cent of drivers admitting their workload exceeds 50 hours a week, as is ensuring vehicles are up to code and ready for the jobs ahead. Complicated paper work makes handling these processes overly difficult. Already we’re seeing digital counterparts take the hassle out of managing drivers and assets, and usage will only increase in the next year.

Electronic work diaries (EWDs) are not only an easier method of inputting work and rest times for drivers out on the road, but also ensure drivers are safe and your business is more efficient. Pre-trip checklists and customisable forms let both drivers and office staff access up-to-date data on vehicles from one easy-to-use platform. Drivers can receive alerts when it’s time to take a break, or their vehicle is due for a check-up, with an in-cabin device. Data is sent back to the office instantly, so admin no longer need to wait for a driver to return with their paper work. A digital fleet is one that’s thinking ahead to the future, and 2018 is set to be a future of efficiency.

Safety First Fleets

Changes to the Chain of Responsibility will be in full swing by mid-2018. In preparation, businesses will need to get their entire organisation on-board with safety training and procedures. Heavy vehicles and equipment are getting more advanced as technology evolves. With that comes new ways of operating them safely.

In 2018, implementing technology that facilitates a culture of safety will no longer be an optional feature but a must-have. For example, sensors installed on vehicles to track and alert drivers of speeding and harsh braking, or the ability to replay on-road events and use them as learning tools. These are just some of the ways businesses will take advantage of the data that is readily available to them. Safety can become par for the course with telematics in your fleet and 2018 will see more businesses take the next step by adding technology into existing practices.

Everything Is Getting Smarter

From trucks to equipment, and even your people, technology enables greater efficiency. While freight and construction are beginning to dominate the telematics market, there’s plenty of room for fleets across all industries to implement new technology. Local councils, local services, non-profit organisations and small businesses are already beginning to see the benefits of telematics. Consider a logistics company using GPS tracking to trace the estimated arrival time of goods, or a fleet of plumbers tracking time spent on the job so client billing is more accurate. In the next twelve months, we’ll see businesses from all backgrounds warm up to the idea that new technologies can help them transform their operations.

These are just some of the opportunities for telematics to transform organisations. Technology is only getting bigger and better and 2018 will be the year telematics moves from a ‘one day’ plan to a must-have business tool.

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