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Driver fatigue has been a hot topic in Australia over the last decade and rightly so. Almost half of long-distance truck drivers said they had “nodded off” while driving at least once in a 12-month period, according to an Australian survey. One in five reported a “dangerous” fatigue-related event, unintentionally crossed lanes or had a near miss during their last trip. 

Interestingly, for the second year in a row, driver fatigue is the top compliance concern for fleet management professionals; however, EWD adoption remains low. This is despite 42 per cent of survey respondents saying their companies plan to invest in new technologies and systems in 2018. There appears to be a disconnect between how a telematics solution can help ease some of the top business concerns and whether or not companies would see a significant enough return on investment to justify the cost. 

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Key Themes for 2018

Compliance and EWD

While compliance and fatigue management remain top concerns, adoption of Electronic Work Diaries remains low amongst fleet operators.

Telematics and ROI

There’s a big opportunity for fleet managers to deliver greater business benefits from their telematics systems by looking beyond the basic tracking capabilities.

Business Growth and Driver Shortages

As business continues to grow, a new dilemma faces the industry: a driver shortage.

A Telematics Crossroads

A crossroads is apparent when it comes to connecting the many facets of telematics with the benefits to the company. This is highlighted by the driver shortage and what technologies fleets are using to recruit and retain talent.

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