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Mass Management & Pre-Trip Checklists

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Complying to mass regulations is a major concern for operators. Exceeding the strict limits can lead to heavy penalties. With Teletrac Navman’s Mass Manager, the process is made simple, helping your business remain compliant with the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS).

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Electronic Mass Management Solution

mass management made easy

With our mass management solution, drivers are able to record axle-group mass and vehicle configuration directly into the in-vehicle device, as well as other required route information. By automating previously manual process, you get real-time information on vehicle mass to help ensure your obligations the Chain of Responsibility (CoR), or NHVAS are being met!

  • Ability to record axle group load or single quantity as well as the ability to select your vehicle's configuration
  • Helps manage compliance to ensure obligations to the NHVAS are met for increased payload requirements
  • Can help manage your IAP and On-Board Mass (OBM) scheme requirements
  • Real-time information fed into reports that make audits a click of a button
  • Simple and easy for drivers to enter mass information directly into a visual format
  • Integrates with your on-board scales for immediate and accurate real-time mass information

Electronic Means of Recording Mass

mass management made easy

Using Mass Manager, mass information entered by the driver is available immediately, eliminating paperwork from the truck and the office at the same time. No more re-keying of data means a huge boost in efficient processes. Mass Manager is an effective method for ensuring you're meeting your obligations to the NHVAS requirements for increased vehicle payload in a productive manner!

  • Display the last ten mass declarations recorded on the in-vehicle device
  • Eliminate paperwork from vehicles, which creates huge efficiency savings by not having to re-enter data
  • Provide real-time report data at the click of a button that can be easily exported for a simpler audit process
  • Allow drivers to view the past history of declared mass directly from the device

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Electronic Pre-Trip Checklist

digital pre trip checklists for compliance

Under the NHVAS, or many other compliance obligations or programs, you're required to ensure both your drivers are fit for duty and the vehicle is safe to operate on Australian roads. Pre-Trip Checklist enables drivers carry out vehicle safety inspection and driver fit-for-duty checklists all directly from a portable in-vehicle device. Once submitted, the information is all available for the back office, with real-time alerts on failed items. It provides an efficient method of recording compliance information and reduces the reliance on paperwork. 

  • Ability to create an unlimited amount of your own pre-trip checklists for all types of vehicles, trailers and personnel within the operation
  • Real-time visibility into the condition of the fleet, allowing maintenance to take preventative measures or fix problems before the driver has even left the yard
  • Generating audit information instantly; no more hunting for lost or misfiled paperwork 
  • Simpler for the driver to fill in the checklist electronically and helps minimise inefficient behaviour

Improve Vehicle Maintenance and Safety

pre trip checklist can help ensure vehicle maintenance and safety

Using Pre-Trip Checklists, alerts are raised instantly, enabling proactive maintenance to address faults before the vehicle leaves the depot. This gives transport operators the ability to pick up on problems immediately and helps protect your drivers while it keeps your vehicles safely on the road.

  • Easily create and manage your own pre-trip checklists, and synchronise with fleets at the click of a button
  • Back-office staff can review completed checklists and print, PDF or export records to Excel to ensure readiness for audits as required by the NHVAS
  • Creates a simple workflow for drivers to fill in information, take photos, sign on glass and submit checklists
  • Ability to ask a further question and take photo upon failure of an item on the checklist
  • Real-time alerts raised when faults are detected 
  • Saves you time and effort for audits into your NHVAS Vehicle Maintenance accreditation

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