Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs) and Driver Fatigue

Keep your Fleet risk-free and maintain fatigue compliance

The future is coming and compliance is here to stay; it's time to get ready! Soon, transport operators will be able to replace paper work diaries with EWDs. Our Electronic Work Diary solution doesn't just keep you compliant with NHVL, NHVAS and Chain of Responsibility (CoR) requirements, but the benefits go above and beyond to improve fleet-wide operations and make life easier for you, your drivers and the back office. 

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Fatigue Compliance Made Easy

Driver fatigue is one of the most highly regulated aspects of the transport industry and is a major concern in the road freight industry. Up to 72% of drivers experiencing fatigue on trips. Yet fatigue can be the most challenging to manage. Fatigue rules are complex and logbooks can be difficult to complete and keep up-to-date. Sentinel monitors, calculates and records work and rest times for your drivers. It operates independent of mobile coverage when drivers are driving in remote areas with little or no network connectivity. Sentinel provides many benefits, including:

  • Ensures drivers meet their obligations, no matter their assigned fatigue ruleset
  • Minimises inaccurate work diary entries with accurate real-time information
  • Instant alerts before a driver is required to take a break to respond instantly and prevent breaches
  • Provides historical data for accurate allocation along with built-in logbook checking for audits
  • Ability to run advanced reporting and real-time in the back-office

Saving Time and Money

Sentinel not only keeps the community safe and your business compliant, but also delivers streamlined processes to increase profits and reduced inefficiencies.

  • Provides the ability to proactively manage fatigue; everyone in the transport chain is able to fulfil their obligations to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR)
  • It frees up time, allowing your managers and staff to concentrate on more strategic initiatives instead of precious resources spent pouring over stacks of paperwork
  • No more duplication! Office staff no longer need to rekey into spreadsheets - drivers simply log in, start work and the relevant information is calculated and reported seamlessly
  • Audit information can be compiled at the click of a button - missing paperwork is no longer an issue

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