Electronic Work Diaries (EWDs) and Driver Fatigue

Keep your driver risk-free and maintain fatigue compliance

The future of technology and compliance is here to stay. Utilised by some of Australia’s leading and most progressive transport and logistics operators, Sentinel, Teletrac Navman's Electronic Work Diary solution, doesn't just keep you compliant with NHVL, NHVAS and Chain of Responsibility (CoR) requirements. The benefits goes above and beyond to improve fleet-wide operations and make life easier for you, your drivers and the back office.

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Fatigue is one of the most highly regulated aspects of the transport industry and is a major concern in the road freight industry. In our recent benchmark survey, fatigue management remains a compliance concern for 69% of respondents and up to 72% of drivers experiencing fatigue on trips, yet it can be the most challenging to manage. The rules are complex and logbooks can be difficult to complete and keep up-to-date.

  • Proactively manage fatigue; everyone in the transport chain is able to fulfil their obligations to the Chain of Responsibility (CoR)
  • It frees up time, allowing your managers and staff to concentrate on more strategic initiatives
  • No more duplication! You no longer need to rekey into spreadsheets
  • Audit information can be compiled at the click of a button - missing or damaged paperwork is no longer an issue
  • Built in logbook checker and complete non-conformance report actions


sentinel driver tool electronic work diary


Sentinel is a driver’s tool designed specifically for the transport industry. Drivers are presented with a simple, informative and real-time view of their fatigue status information allowing them to effectively manage their own fatigue. Sentinel provides advanced audio and visual alerts of when the next rest break is required, by logging driver start, stop and rest times. Rest breaks are based on event history and calculated against fatigue rule sets – all in real-time rather than after the fact.

  • Monitors, calculates and records work and rest times for your drivers.
  • Helps ensure drivers meet fatigue work and rest hours based on their assigned rule-set 
  • Operates independent of the mobile network when the driver is offline and out-of-range
  • Minimises errors with accurate current and historical information
  • Instant alerts before a driver is required to take a break so they can find an appropriate area to rest
  • Provides instant feedback to the driver to help them understand fatigue rules

How does an EWD work?

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