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Maintenance on TN360

Streamline vehicle and equipment maintenance

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Data Blocks

Key Takeaways

Maintenance on TN360 is a computerised maintenance management system that digitises the scheduling of vehicle and equipment maintenance. The module connects with the platform’s telematics data allowing for maintenance schedules to be created using vehicle odometer and engine hours data. 

With TN360’s Vehicle Maintenance, you can record and store a variety of important details for each of your vehicles and assets, along with the ability to create schedules based on manufacturer and business requirements on each. Reminders and notifications are sent when services are due based on Engine Hours distance travelled or due date. The information helps you manage your vehicles maintenance requirements electronically, ensuring they’re road worthy, compliant, safe and efficient. This can ensure the business is optimally performing to provide maximum productivity.

vehicle maintenance


The maintenance module in TN360 allows fleet managers to easily buildand assign digital maintenance schedules to specific vehicles, a group of vehicles or an entire fleet. The schedules can be based on odometer readings, engine hours or fixed time periods, and all scheduled maintenance is clearly displayed on maintenance dashboards. You can alsoelectronically record all completed maintenance, including key information such as completion date, who completed the maintenance, the cost and any associated documentation. Key Features Include: 

  • Compliance - from the NHVAS right through to the Chain of Responsibility, a digital solution to manage maintenance can help keep vehicles maintained and drivers safe on the road.
  • Schedule builder - easily create and assign maintenance schedules to vehicles/assets based on odometer readings, engine hours or fixed time intervals. 
  • Maintenance dashboard - see the maintenance needs across your entire fleet and ensure that due maintenance is scheduled and competed.   
  • Digital record keeping - record all complete maintenance events with associated data, including the completion date, who completed the maintenance and the cost.  
  • Document attachments - add related documents to completed maintenance events including invoices, notices or certifications. 
vehicle maintenance


The maintenance module is a native feature of TN360, so you don’t need to setup and manage an integration to automate maintenance schedules off odometer readings or engine hours. The dashboards are also really user friendly making it easy to see upcoming, due and past due maintenanceactivities. There is also the benefit of managing vehicle and equipment inspections in the same platform, giving you full visibility into issue identification through to resolution.

With a digital system at your fingertips, you gain a huge advantage. Paired with the Pre-Trip Checklist application, drivers are able to complete a thorough list of items to check around the vehicle, and themselves, to ensure readiness for duty created by you. If any item is found to not be up to scratch, the vehicle can be stopped before it even leaves the depot as workshop staff are instantly notified – if the driver is already on the road, spare parts can be ordered instantly and installed upon return.

vehicle maintenance module


By digitising maintenance planning in your business, you can streamline the process of setting maintenance schedules and create visibility that enables you to plan maintenance around business needs. Customers who use digital maintenance tools see:

  • Increased availability - by following preventative maintenance schedules you can proactively take steps to keep your fleet operational and unscheduled downtime to a minimum. 
  • Reduced costs - by planning maintenance events around work schedules you can reduce the need to rent vehicles or equipment. 
  • Shorter maintenance periods - with visibility into future maintenance needs you can pre-order parts reducing the chances of extended maintenance periods due to delays in parts delivery. 
  • Extended lifecycles - By keeping on top of scheduled maintenance and quickly resolving issues you can keep your fleet healthy and extended vehicle and equipment life. 
  • Reduced paperwork - Do away with the nightmares of piles of paper to find out last service details, receipts, compliance audits, and more, with a digital system. 

Maintenance is a module available on Teletrac Navman TN360, the AI-enabled fleet management platform, that simplifies the administration of your fleet and helps to ensure that you’re meeting compliance needs.