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Journey Planner & SmartNav: Route

Plan your Driver’s Journey with Ease


Journey Planner & SmartNav: Route

Stay one step ahead with guided driver routes created by you, in the back-office

Managing routes and planning forward can be tricky when managed with outdated paper maps. Available through TN360, Journey Planner allows you create routes with multiple stops to manage a driver’s trip with ease. When paired with SmartNav: Route on the in-vehicle device, you can rest assure that trucks are on route, at all times. 

Build Your Solution
TN360 Journey Planner route guidance solution
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Journeys sent direct to driver in the vehicle to complete

Real-time alerts when a driver is off-route – redirects back to the route

Turn-by-turn voice-guided navigation direct to driver

Real-time trip reporting
and analytics

What is Journey Planner & how does it work?


Build your customised routes

  • Create an unlimited number of routes to cover all journeys, especially considering road closures when alternates routes are needed
  • Create start and end points, along with a large number of stops in between – these can act as waypoints to ensure driver sticks to the specific route
  • Ability to send routes direct to your fleet, allowing the driver to pick from the in-vehicle device
Au Tn360 Journeyplanner Half 1
Au Tn360 Journeyplanner Half 2

Alerts & Notifications

Get notified for your routes

  • Get notified in real-time when the route is started, finished or off-route
  • Notification via email, SMS or via in-system notification
  • Ability to schedule reports to be delivered direct to your email inbox
  • Variety of reports to improve routes and create a environment of safety in the business
  • Provides a means to optimise routes and ensure efficiency across the business

SmartNav: Route

Driver In-Vehicle Route Compliance

Developed in Australia, SmartNav: Route is a unique solution that gives businesses the power to create the preferred route, and all stops within, directly from the office. This is distributed straight to the driver’s device for them to follow. Viewed in real-time, the business is provided assurance that if the driver deviates from the path, both parties are alerted, and the driver is navigated back onto the specified roads set out, not just the shortest route available to the destination.

MT201 in vehicle device with smartnav route

SmartNav: Route

The Benefits of Route Compliance

Level of assurance that the driver is on track to destination. With the ability to send customised routes direct from the office to the driver. Turn-by-turn spoken word navigation is available through the in-vehicle device to help the driver to help stay on track. The solution provides real-time alerts to both the driver and the office if the vehicle deviates from its path. When the driver is directed off the route, in case of an accident, roadworks or as directed by enforcement, SmartNav: Route redirects the driver back onto the route to ensure they stay on the correct path at all times, instead of the shortest path to the destination.

When considering the types of goods a transport operator can carry, from secure cargo right through to dangerous goods, ensure payload is safe & monitored at all times is of extreme importance. SmartNav: Route ensures the driver stays on routes when operating a heavy vehicle that is permitted to run on specific roads and cannot deviate. It helps provide a far greater level of assurance to operators in applications such as dangerous goods or permitted routes. 

Contracts attained can have stringent terms placed on them to ensure safety. From comply to permitted routes & restrictions, through to regulatory program restrictions. There may be severe consequences when these terms are deviated from, such as massive fines, to legal action. With Journey Planner, you can easily create routes that meet the requirements of your customers, that are then instantly available for the drivers to follow via turn-by-turn spoken word navigation. With four free map updates per year that are automatically installed, you can rest assured your drivers are on the correct path. 

Driver Guidance

Guide drivers to the destination safely

  • Clearly marked route with turn-by-turn voice guided navigation
  • Select from a list of pre-created routes, automatically sync’d from TN360 Journey Planner
  • Off-route alerts to driver and back office – guides the driver back on to the designated route, not the fast route to the destination
  • Optional live-traffic on route displayed to driver
Au Tn360 Journeyplanner Half 3