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Brisbane Truck Show 2019 – Trucks, technology and everything in between

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

The 2019 Brisbane Truck Show was bigger and better than ever, bringing in over 36,000 industry professionals to see what vendors, government bodies and equipment specialists had in store. Hosted by Heavy Vehicle Industry Australia (HVIA), it was the ultimate coming together of trucks, trailers, heavy equipment and technology.

Over the four days, the core themes of safety, innovation, sustainability, careers, knowledge and community were promoted across every session and stand. It gave the industry a chance to network, gain valuable insights and see what technology is under development.

These were some of the top trends and key insights from this year’s event.

Keeping fatigue in check

Currently used by tens of thousands of drivers around Australia, electronic work diaries (EWDs) were easily one of the most talked about topics at the event. Top of mind for many is the challenge of finding an EWD that’s more than just a logbook. The industry is calling for solutions that actively track against fatigue rule sets while also alerting drivers about rest breaks and compliance breaches. EWDs allow drivers to proactively manage their fatigue while also keeping other staff in the loop about their wellbeing. Teletrac Navman’s EWD, exhibited at this year’s event, is one such solution, and is the first submitted to the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator for approval as an alternative to paper logbooks. Fatigue is a huge focus for drivers and fleet managers alike, it’s essential that the technology is designed in collaboration with the industry to meet their needs.

Working smarter, not harder

It’s becoming clear that industries like transport, mining and construction are adopting technology quicker than ever. Solutions that support fleet tracking, equipment management and in-vehicle monitoring are quickly becoming the norm. Transport Certification Australia and the Australian Road Transport Suppliers Association even released findings that demonstrated the power of telematics to better understand vehicles and road network use.

To maintain a competitive edge and easily abide by industry regulations, many businesses are interested in taking their set-ups to the next level. Vendors at the show saw huge uptake in professionals wanting to use technology to work smarter. Whether to replace the grind of paper-based processes or consolidate existing management software into a single platform, businesses are eager for ways to keep things simple.

Integrated platforms allow organisations to manage everything in one place, from fuel usage and engine analytics to freight and job management. Drivers can be assigned jobs while out on the road, admin staff can access data from multiple applications for reporting, and all deliveries, payments and arrivals can be instantly tracked and sent to the back-office system.

Leading and achieving

Attendees were also eager to engage with those leading innovation in the industry. Operators and managers aren’t just looking for what technology and solutions are available, they want to know what solutions are in place to tackle their biggest challenges. With the driver shortage ever looming the Palaszczuk government released an online jobs portal to make it easier for professionals and businesses to connect with each other. By tapping into the growing trend of online connectivity and communication, the jobs portal aims to be a place where community can truly thrive.

Another area of innovation was the trucks themselves. BP showcased its BP Plus fuel card, which can be used to purchase BP Ultimate fuel at one of its 1400 service stations across Australia. Not only does the card provide an easy and cost-effective way to purchase fuel, but the fuel itself is specially formulated to keep engines running for longer and release less C02 emissions. Scania also threw its hat in the ring by unveiling a new generation of trucks. These are not only built to be stronger but are fuelled by compressed natural gas, making them a more environmentally friendly option.

It’s these companies who are building upon the industry and taking things to the next level, and this level of innovation was on full display at the Brisbane Truck Show. In a time of great change for the transport industry, it’s clear that technology is paving the way to a more collaborative, efficient and sustainable future.



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