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Our Electronic Work Diary is now NHVR-approved for use - Press Release | EWD Solution

Job Management, Execution & Mobility

It’s important to effectively and efficiently manage jobs, allowing the operator to attain maximum profitability and improve customer service.


Job Management and Execution

Flexible and powerful job management solutions

No two companies are the same. Everyone wants to get something from A to B, and sometimes C, but what processes work for one may not necessarily work for another. Different contracts may mean the information the driver needs to gather is different between fleets, without this your customer doesn’t pay for the work done. A flexible, mature job management solution can help you manage the ever-expanding responsibilities of the Driver and carrier when transporting goods.

As a result, business requirements in a system can vary. For some, a cost-effective ‘off the shelf’ approach is better suited, where for others a fully-fledged integrated freight management system is required. Some operations require both, each for different contracts. Having the right tools at your disposal ensures you maximise efficiencies and promotes an increased level of productivity.

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Job Management

An Accessible And Easy-To-Use Job Management & Allocation Platform

Managing all aspects of tasks involved within an operation can be cumbersome. In a growing business, this can become a full-time requirement. From managing pick up locations and deliverables, through to customer updates and expectations, paper-based processes are far too manual within this modern world. Yet, investing in a fully-featured freight management system for a small to medium-sized business becomes an unjustified expense. Teletrac Navman's Task Manager solution gives businesses access to a highly-functional job management platform that allows them to digitise the process of completing manifests.

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Ease of Use

A Back-Office Solution to Managing Jobs Electronically

As a dedicated back-office system accessible around the clock, real-time job information helps you create, manage and schedule jobs on the fly. The added functionality to create manifests via Microsoft Excel uploads and calendar views to schedule, Teletrac Navman's job management solution makes it easy for the driver to complete their tasks from an all-in-one workflow to improve efficiency. 

Fleet Efficiency

Integration, Mobility and Job Execution

Job execution plays an integral part in many businesses. It’s important to effectively and efficiently manage jobs to allow operators to attain maximum profitability and improve customer service. SmartJobs is a mobility solution that helps operators manage the ever-expanding responsibilities of job control in the operation, from Freight Management System integration through to PDA’s providing proof of delivery via signature or camera.SmartJobs provides the ability to customise workflow to meet operational needs and requirements. All job information is synchronised between the back office and the driver’s device, including the FMS – it is a powerful yet simple solution to manage jobs.

Intuitive User Interface

A Front End To Your Jobs Via Your Own Freight Management System

With the added ability to integrate your existing freight management system, the solution can be customised to take on your individual business processes to ensure success. With up-to-the minute job progress information all in real-time, you can the added functionality of pre-trip checklists, barcode scanning, demurrage, navigation, non-delivery processes, and proof of delivery all from the one system. 

Please consult Teletrac Navman on the list of available freight management system integration options.