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Teletrac Navman

Our Electronic Work Diary is now NHVR-approved for use - Press Release | EWD Solution

Intelligent Multi-Camera Solution

Switch your fleet management from reactive to proactive by removing all the noise with an integrated camera system.

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Vehicle Multi-Camera Solution

Integrated video and telematics  data to empower a safer and efficient business

Designed specifically for fleet operators, Teletrac Navman’s smart camera solution is a high-definition system that captures rolling footage, while triggering events via internal sensors, from harsh usage to speeding. What does this mean? Real-time footage as events occurs, all from the comfort of the office.  

multi camera dash cam for vehicles

Camera Solution Features & Benefits

Integrated video and telematics data to empower a safer and efficient business

With an intelligent multi-camera solution that integrates into the smarts of a fleet management system, you gain real-time data paired with footage to help you understand events and make better and more informed decisions on the fly. You get a comprehensive visualisation of what happens on the road, rather than reading between the lines or piecing multiple data sources together.

High Definition

High Definition

Today’s modern technology demands quality in footage in order to make out smaller details to get a better view. Teletrac Navman’s multi-camera solution supports high-definition footage, allowing you to get a 1080p view to be able to make out licence plates and other smaller details. Paired with high-capacity hard-drives in the vehicle to ensure continuous rolling footage regardless of events is important, allowing for more than 10-days of capture.

Real Time

Integrated & In Real-Time

Paired with AI-based fleet management solutions, the system is designed to connect, analyse and display the events most important to your business with all the information you need to see. The solution’s event-based architecture means you get alerted as incidents occur on the road, with analytics and video footage in event format. Only see the footage that matters most via real-time event alerts, or download footage direct the vehicle without leaving the office.

Reduce Risk (1)

Reduce Risk

Cameras in vehicles can provide peace of mind. An integrated multi-camera solution can help you further by providing a means to connect with footage without leaving the office. The system allows you to download footage over-the-air, direct from the vehicle. That means when your driver contacts you with a specific date and time, you can access the footage to verify fraudulent claims, and use it as proof to protect both the driver and the business.

Driver Behaviour (1)

Driver Behaviour

Pairing telematics, its data and driver in-vehicle tools with cameras enables the business to understand driver behaviour in real-time and better create programs to help improve habits. By capturing road events, you can increase fleet safety standards by identifying and correcting unsafe behaviours with a personalised approach. With data on each driver and vehicle, you can really understand everything that’s happening and coach individually and create company-wide training programs, especially handy for new recruits.

Grow Succeed

Grow & Succeed

Improve the fleet’s reputation with safe drivers and low collision rates. Rest easy knowing your fleet is safe by honing into operational insights provided by real-time footage, you are to find areas that can be improved on to increase efficiency. The integrated approach our solution allows you find areas that are costing you money and improve on them to reduce inefficiencies that are previously very difficult to uncover.


How It Works

Intelligent Camera Solution


Driver in the vehicle is on the road and going about their tasks for the day


Sensors detect an anomaly and an event is raised in the system; data is sent to the fleet management solution, raising an alert


Continuously rolling high-definition footage before, during and after the event is sent to the server


All the data is analysed immediately
by the server


Event view is available to view data and footage as its immediately available

The Hardware

What Does It Look Like?

With multiple hardware options to suit your needs based on vehicles and requirements, Teletrac Navman’s in-vehicle camera solution enables you to find the right combination. Whether it’s a single forward-facing camera right through to a four-camera comprehensive setup, the solution’s hardware options give you the power to meet your needs.

With multiple cameras, you have multiple options on placements. Whether it's a requirement for a front-facing camera and DVR, right through to a four-camera option with a monitor, you have the ability to choose the right option for you.


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