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Intelligent Multi-Camera Solution

Data Blocks
Data Blocks


Integrated & AI-enabled 360 degree multi camera solution

Designed specifically for fleet operators, the system continuously records and automatically synchronises footage as events occur. You get to see the footage that matters most via real-time event alerts, or download footage direct from the vehicle without leaving the office. With this integrated pairing, you can protect your drivers from fraudulent accident claims by gaining a comprehensive view around the vehicle with forward, driver, and rear-facing, as well as left
and right-side cameras.

TN360 Camera Hardware

Powering Insights Through Data Capture and AI

Paired with TN360, Teletrac Navman's AI-based fleet management solution, the multi-camera system is designed to connect, analyse and display the events most important to your business with all the information you need to see. Only see the footage that matters most via real-time event alerts, or download footage direct from the vehicle without leaving the office. Further protect your drivers from fraudulent claims with an integrated multi-camera solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Connect up to four 1080p HD cameras
  • Supports up to 1TB SSD hard drive via a rugged and secured DVR for in-vehicle data storage
  • Continuous recording of footage accessible at all times from the back-office via TN360
  • More than 10 working days of video file storage within the vehicle
  • Event based recording via G-sensor, speed, alarm input, cyclic and 10 seconds pre-recording
  • Driver trigger button automatically begins recording
  • Footage automatically sync’d as events occur in real-time, alongside GPS enabled telematics data
  • Driver, rear and side cameras powered by Infra-Red for enhanced visibility at night
  • Wide Dynamic Range forward-facing camera that works in low light conditions for better night visibility
  • IP69K waterproof and MIL-STD 810G shockproof camera devices
  • Over-the-air maintenance, support and updates

Connect Up To Four Cameras

The solution gives an unparalleled display of the vehicle and its surroundings. Front, driver, sides and rear. 

High-Definition Cameras

At 1080p HD quality, the solution can help you identify what happened when events occu

Real-Time Events

Captures footage alongside real-time warnings and alerts in the office, for harsh braking, harsh cornering, speeding, and other dangerous driving events via driver trigger button.

Fraud Prevention

Prevent fraud and frivolous lawsuits with a solution that provides indisputable high-definition video footage that captures driving events in real time.

Integrated video and telematics data to empower a safer and more efficient business

With an intelligent multi-camera solution that integrates into the smarts of a fleet management system, you gain visual and vehicle movement data, to help you understand events and make better decisions on the fly. Gain access to analytical information, that automatically combines the captured footage, direct to you via alerts, or request footage from the vehicle. With an integrated solution, you get a comprehensive visualisation of what happens on the road, rather than reading between the lines or piecing multiple data sources together.

  • IMPROVE DRIVER BEHAVIOUR. Capture road events in real-time to increase fleet safety standards by identifying and correcting unsafe driving behaviour.

  • REDUCE FLEET OPERATION COSTS. By honing into operational insights provided by real-time footage, you can find areas of improvement to increase efficiency.

  • GROW AND SUCCEED. Improve the fleet’s reputation with safe drivers and low collision rates. Rest easy knowing your fleet is safe.

How it works

Sensors detect an anomaly, or driver triggers, and an event is raised in the system

2 High-definition video footage is automatically recorded

3 Footage and telematics data is communicated to the server

Information is analysed immediately by the fleet management system

Event view is created for the back-office to view footage and information

Technical Specifications

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Multi Cam Header

Video Input:  4 x 1080P analog high definition 

CVBS output: 1CH 6pin aviation connector output PAL/NSTC

VGA output: 1CH VGA output, 1080P

Video display: 1, 2, 3, 4

Video standard: PAL: 25FPS, NTSC: 30FPS

Compression: H.264 main profile

Multi Cam Header

Audio Input:  4 channels

Record format: Synchronised video & audio recording

Audio compression: ADPCM

Alarm input: 6 channels

Alarm output: 2 channels, 1 buzzer

Multi Cam Header

Image resolution: Max 4 x 1080P (1920 x 1080) 

Video bit rate: 64kbps~4Mbps/channel 

Storage: 56~2700MB/(channel/hour)

Audio: bit rate 32kbps

Storage: 2.5 inch SATA SSD, max 1TB

Multi Cam Header

IR: 1 channel

RS232: 1 channel

RS485: 1 channel

CAN: 2 channels

RJ45: 1 channel

USB 2.0: 2 channels  
- 1 channel for copying file and firmware upgrade
- 1 channel for copying SSD file (only for connecting to computer USB) 

Frequency Bands:
4G - 1, 3, 7, 8, 20
3G - 1, 3, 8

WIFI: Included

WIFI hotspot/AP:  Included 

Multi Cam Header

G-Force/gyroscope: 9 axis sensor

Input: 10~32V

Max power consumption: 60W

Standby power consumption: 100mW

Operating temperature & humidity: -20 ~ 70oC/ <100%

Clock: Built-in clock, Calendar 

Fleet Management System: Teletrac Navman TN360, Teletrac Navman NextGen

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