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The Hackers Behind this years FatigueHACK


FatigueHACK kicks off today. This two-day hackathon will tackle one of the trucking industry’s biggest issues: fatigue.

Hosted by the Australian Transport Association in partnership with Teletrac Navman, experts from a range of backgrounds will look for ways to use technology to change the conversation around safety and more importantly, save lives in the process.

Anyone behind the wheel and beyond, can tell you just how dangerous driving can be when the work/rest portion isn’t managed properly. Being awake for more than 17 hours has a similar effect on the body as a blood alcohol level of 0.05 so drivers can go from dead tired to just dead if they aren’t careful. But saying “just take a break” is not enough.  There are many road blocks in the way of reducing the number of fatigue-related deaths, such as scheduling issues, lack of rest stops and manually calculating rest breaks.

Technology is helping educate drivers, keep businesses compliant and implement a culture of safety and we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it.

Meet The Teams

With more than 50 competitors across 10 teams and 25 mentors consisting of industry professionals, developers, students and truck drivers FatigueHACK is going to be an exciting two days.

These individuals will be working closely with a range of mentors from truck drivers to technology experts to create its solutions. But just who are these experts and what can we expect them from them?

Team Level 5

  • These guys are all about thinking outside the box, these entrepreneurial thinkers are ready to get creative when it comes to fatigue and tech.
  • This team comes from all over Australia and plan to share its insights in the name of innovation.

The Canberra Institute of Technology Transformers

  • A mix of fresh ideas and expert knowledge, its team comprises of staff and students from the Canberra Institute of Technology.
  • Besides bridging the generation gap, technical and design skills is what they bring to the table.
  • Using its unique set of student/teacher insights, they will use co-design principles to create its solution.

Team Comags

  • With over 50 years of experience between them, Team Comags bring business, networking and compliance all together.
  • Manuel Diaz, Roland Bolante, Mark Leach and Rachel Willmington make up this group of innovators.

Lean Mean Green Machine Team

  • The name says it all, this team are ready to go all out in the name of innovation and getting to the bottom of on-road fatigue.
  • Graduates and postgraduate students from Australian National University (ANU) make up this rag-tag bunch.
  • What sets Lean Mean Green Machine apart are its skills in machine learning and data science.
  • These guys are excited about the prospect of creating an innovative solution for driver fatigue and learning all they can over the course of the hackathon.


  • This team really brings the WOW factor as the event’s only all-women group.
  • Besides bringing in a much-needed female flair to the event, W.O.W has combined expertise in health, business, communications and design.


  • This tech start-up is led by CEO Gary Scott, who brings 25 years of large scale IT experience in product, project and program strategy and delivery.
  • Joining him is Warren Pickering and Natasha Scott. Pickering has 20 years of engineering and consultancy while Scott has 20 years of corporate expertise in people, program, change and business management.
  • Their strategy lies in improving driver safety by facilitating permissioned data sharing and reporting throughout the logistics supply chain.

CIT Disruptors

  • Practical skills, solution oriented and customer focussed is what makes up this crew.
  • CIT Disruptors believe its cross-discipline approach will be its secret weapon.

Augmented Intelligence

  • A collective of IT and health professionals
  • Its aim is to use its passion for leveraging technology to improve the lives of Australians everywhere.
  • Its focus for the hackathon is on transport workers and will combine its skills and passions to create a solution.

Seeing innovation in fatigue and how technology can be furthered to help is something we always look forward to. We wish the best to all the teams throughout the event and can’t wait to see what creative ideas and insights are developed.

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