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How Safety Analytics Will Make Your Businesses More Efficient

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Australian roads are about to get safer for commercial drivers, private vehicle users and pedestrians, thanks to safety analytics capabilities in Navman Wireless' new DIRECTOR software. The software will give fleet managers an unprecedented and complete view into fleet activity showing driver and vehicles behaviours in real time, promoting better behaviour of company fleets.

The goal of Navman Wireless' new GPS fleet management software, DIRECTOR, is to empower customers with actionable data in an easy-to-use platform. Its scalable features go beyond fleet tracking to include everything from analysing driver behaviour, to receiving instant alerts, robust safety reporting and custom geo-fences.

So how exactly does this make your business more efficient?

Evolve your business

The new platform follows months of research and development and product collaboration between teams of Navman Wireless and its newly combined sister company, Teletrac Inc. Building on the success of the OnlineAVL2 GPS system, the new solution is completely web-based, hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform. The real- time function provides unparalleled insight into driver vehicle safety analytics, empowering businesses with actionable data in an easy to use platform.

Improve safety

Driver safety is of paramount concern for fleet managers but it's difficult to monitor driver behaviour, particularly in remote areas. Having access to Safety Analytics provides managers with crucial information including unsafe road behaviour and side-by-side driver rankings. The Navman Wireless DIRECTOR solution, composed of a visual event viewer, driver scorecards and comprehensive messaging capabilities, enables monitoring and immediate reply of unsafe driving events that occur on the road.

With helpful user alerts, the system monitors harsh breaking or acceleration, harsh cornering, speed violations, and stop sign violations without the need for third party devices, reducing costs and promoting better behaviour of company fleet vehicles.

A solution that suits your business needs

The Navman Wireless DIRECTOR suite scales to the needs of fleets of any size from local service to long haul transportation, enabling fleet managers to track worker activity in real time and take proactive measures to remedy any risk or hazards, and respond quickly in the case of incident.

The scalability and flexibility of the AWS cloud has allowed Navman Wireless to expand its offering and empower fleet customers with actionable data in an easy-to-use platform.


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