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How GPS Fleet Management Technology Can Help Deliver Essential Frontline Services


Life Without Barriers is one of the largest and most diverse not for profit organisations delivering support and care services to more than 6,000 people across Australia. Navman Wireless partnered with Life Without Barriers to provide GPS fleet management across the entire fleet, meeting a number of key business needs.

"For an organisation like ours, being able to gain further efficiencies in our fleet system means we are able to focus more of our time, energy and resources where they should be ? engaging directly with the people and communities we are supporting," Nathan Reynolds, Life Without Barrier's Corporate Services Manager said.

By providing effective business solutions Navman Wireless has been able to help Life Without Barriers improve fleet efficiency and deliver essential frontline services to those in need, such as taking children to the cinema or driving people with disabilities to the local shops.

Navman Wireless is now the backbone of Life Without Barriers' fleet management providing a number of business benefits to the organisation. How can GPS fleet management help your business?

Managing a complex fleet - Life Without Barriers operates more than 1,200 vehicles to help provide care and support services in more than 250 communities right across Australia. Managing such a large and diverse number of vehicles can be a complex task. By installing GPS fleet management technology, you can improve the efficiency of a fleet's operation and direct resources into the delivery of your company's services. You can also save on fuel by monitoring when vehicles are being used by programming an alert for when a vehicle is being operated after work hours.

Strong focus on safety - Under the Workplace Health and Safety Act employers and fleet managers have a duty of care to ensure the health and safety of their mobile workforce, which extends to vehicle safety. It is important to recognise and reward safe driving practices and ensure direct driver safety programs are in place to effectively promote a safe driving culture.

Compliance with Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) regulations - In a busy workforce it can often be difficult to update manual logbooks, especially for a large fleet with 100 plus vehicles subject to FBT. Life Without Barriers installed an electronic system that integrated into the operation of fleet vehicles and asked drivers to record whether the planned trip was for business or private use whenever the engine started. This way annual usage data can be generated, helping to manage FBT liability more efficiently and effectively.

Implementing GPS fleet management solutions can help businesses meet daily needs and enable staff to spend more time delivering frontline services ?to those in need.


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