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How a reindeerlivery (almost) saved Christmas

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Step aside, delivery drones. Domino’s newest delivery drivers are none other than Dasher and Dancer and Rudolph himself. Although Santa’s reindeer are better known for a love of carrots than pizza, with blizzards and icy weather forecast for Japan during the festive season Domino’s called in some reinforcements from the North Pole.

Kicking off in the city of Ishikari in northern Japan, Teletrac Navman and Domino’s trialled using reindeer-powered sleighs, monitored by the GPS Driver Tracker, to get pizzas from door to door.

Unfortunately, the reindeer were a little harder to train than expected…

With the confused animals shaking the storage boxes loose and frantic trainers racing alongside to keep up with their charges, the process wasn’t exactly a smooth one. We’re not sure how Santa manages to control unruly reindeer lugging sacks of presents each year, because even one pizza box proved difficult to transport safely from A to B.

Luckily, a little Christmas magic will mean Japanese customers still get a kick out of following a reindeer along its journey in the Pizza Tracker app, before being greeted by a scooter bearing a close(ish) resemblance to the real thing.

Domino’s has a track record of creative delivery methods, from canoe deliveries to train station drop-offs, so we’re sure its next wild idea will be a success. Regardless, GPS technology will mean all deliveries are tracked from start to finish – even if they end up plodding away into the snow.

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