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Simplify your Fleet Management with Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR™

Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR, the multi award winning fleet management software, gives fleet owners full visibility into fleet performance and mobile resource activity.
DIRECTOR is the fleet management software driving efficiency for more than 100,000 assets in Australia and New Zealand.

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Fleet Visibility

Fleet Visibility

Monitor your fleet of vehicles from anywhere on the planet in real-time, including location tracking, fuel usage and maintenance records. Verify mobile workforce activities easily from the office or on the go.

  • Vehicle Mapping - Instantly track vehicles and equipment
  • Effective Communication - Quick, reliable and auditable
  • Connected Workflow - Automate compliance and dispatching

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Mapping Insights & Routing with Fleet Management Software

mapping insights and routing with directors fleet management software

Mapping Insights & Routing with Fleet Management Software

DIRECTOR’s mapping features provide a variety of tools including vehicle locations, driver status, geofencing, traffic updates, and event replay. DIRECTOR streamlines vehicle routing with insight and ease. Dispatchers and fleet managers have the ability to easily send and assign routes directly to drivers through the DIRECTOR navigation device — turning those routes into turn-by-turn instructions for drivers.

  • Quickly search and filter specific vehicle data
  • View vehicle behaviour on, and in between, job sites
  • Full visibility into vehicle locations and activity
  • Planned versus actual reports
  • Determine whether drivers are taking the best routes possible

Fleet Reporting & Safety

Viewing Events, Reporting, Analytics & Notifications

Access information securely with customisable dashboards, reports and real-time alerts. We strive to bring fleet management software to life by creating simple tools that enable you to visualise your fleet’s performance in the way that you want.

  • Dynamic Dashboard – Track your organisation’s most critical KPIs
  • Customisable Alerts – React quickly to unexpected situations
  • Event Viewer records unsafe driving events and replays them on an interactive screen
  • Drivers get an overview of all safety violations at the end of each trip

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integrations and enhancements within fleet management software


Operating a fleet of vehicles is complex for every organization because it involves a large number of moving parts. A connected workforce is key to streamlining activity across your fleet, reducing waste in operating costs.

  • Connect every platform to share information and support sound, data-based decisions
  • Take advantage of increased volumes of data
  • Bring all work to one place, to help businesses eliminate errors and maximise productivity

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director on mobile device


With DIRECTOR on mobile, you can tap into real-time data and analytics directly from the mobile in a neatly packaged application. The mobile application takes the daily journey with you to keep you in the loop wherever you are.

  • Real Time Location: Find a vehicle or asset anywhere, anytime and view whether it's active, where it is and what speed it's travelling.
  • Query: Get instant statistics about a particular vehicle’s status.
  • Messaging: Easily communicate with one or multiple vehicles with easy to use messaging features.
  • Route-to Functionality: Instantly send a destination address with navigation instructions directly to a driver, providing turn by turn directions.
  • Replay a Day: View a vehicle's driving history (breadcrumb trail) as plotted on a map.
  • Maps: Use Google's standard or satellite maps, including Street View option.

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fleet management software

Simplify your Fleet Management with Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR™

Businesses across Australia and New Zealand are already benefiting from DIRECTOR fleet management software.
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