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Teletrac Navman

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Fleet Management Solutions


The widest range of fleet management solutions

Our Job is to make your job easier

Our fleet management software can be configured to meet the unique needs of your business. It is our mission to help you find the solution that delivers everything you need and nothing you don’t. Explore how our platform is meeting the needs of the different people and industries that we serve.

Fleet Management Solutions

A fit for any industry

We design fleet management solutions to fit your business needs

No two business are the same and our solutions experts will help you to build a system that will help you meet your goals. 

Fleet Management Solutions

For any industry


From yellow iron to pickup trucks, earthworks to paving, you’re managing complex projects, cost factors, and multiple jobsites. Bid more accurately on jobs when you gain visibility into equipment utilisation, performance and productivity.

  • Measure asset utilisation with insights into jobsites
  • Real-time vehicle, equipment & asset location tracking
  • Improve uptime with preventative maintenance
  • Make more informed decisions by seeing uptime and maintenance costs when buying, leasing or selling equipment

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Trucking & Transport

Getting goods from one place to another can be a logistical nightmare that requires planning and intimate monitoring to keep everything running smoothly. Teletrac Navman fleet management software can help you gain control in the face of both predictable and unexpected challenges.

  • Enable communication between drivers and dispatchers with real-time alerts and route updates
  • Meet the requirements of your business with key insights into your fleet at all times
  • Reward positive driving or correct poor driver behaviour in real-time with audible and actionable alerts

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Hire & Rental

Monitor the performance and health of rented vehicles and equipment by tracking when the assets are being used.  A GPS-enabled software solution provides greater visibility into how customers use your valuable equipment, even in remote locations. Receive accurate data analytics you can count on to protect your investment with an equipment management solution backed by decades of experience.

  • See real-time insights into how assets are used to reduce assets being pushed beyond their limits
  • Accurately bill customers based on actual hours used
  • Improve maintenance schedules based on how often assets are being used

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Services & Specialty Trades

Maximise the amount of work your service team accomplishes each day with fleet management software. Receive reliable data on how each member of your service team moves from job to job, getting them there more efficiently. Ensure employees make it to job sites on time with two-way messaging to adjust routes in real time. Keep costs down while exceeding customer expectations.

  • Improve customer satisfaction by providing real-time insights into arrival times
  • Reduce costs with insights into business efficiency, from fuel use, idle times and maintenance schedules
  • Real-time driver communication with instant messaging

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A fleet management solution can help to maintain public and driver safety within the restrictions of your departmental budget. Fleet management software allows government agencies to improve safety while protecting sensitive data and monitoring carbon footprints. 

  • Reduce inefficiencies while cutting costs and improving productivity
  • Real-time location tracking of all types of assets
  • Monitor carbon emissions to improve company greenhouse gas emissions

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Retail & Manufacturing

Your business hinges on your fleet being able to effectively transport and deliver products, reliably and on time. Our fleet management solutions provide an easy-to-use platform that allows you to keep your fleets efficient, from suggesting the best routes to decrease miles driven, to keeping fuel costs down and providing valuable insight to ensure your fleet can keep up with your business demands.

  • Prioritise productivity by keeping assets in-service and avoiding unnecessary downtime
  • Reduce fuel costs by proactively monitoring different aspects of your operations
  • Plan routes more efficiently to cut down miles and reduce fuel usage

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Optimise fleet operations and reduce risk by monitoring your corporate and not-for-profit vehicles with a reliable, robust fleet management solution. Transportation, meal delivery, and other services support your core mission and depend on vehicles to achieve those goals. Learning valuable insights into how and where your vehicles allow you to reallocate resources in service of your mission, while keeping your staff and passengers safe

  • Reduce operational costs with new insights and visibility into your business
  • Manage compliance and safety requirements with ease
  • Reduce fuel and maintenance cost with more effective route planning

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Passenger Transport

The passenger transport business is highly competitive; you know your customers have choices. If they learn that your vehicles often arrive late, or operators drive unsafely, they will go elsewhere. That’s where Teletrac Navman fleet management software comes in — helping you stay competitive in the market as well as keeping costs under control while addressing customer safety and satisfaction.

  • Impact customer satisfaction and trust with reliable, on-time delivery
  • Reduce fuel cost and idling time with vehicle monitoring
  • Protect your business from fraudulent insurance claims with dashcams
  • Improve safety with daily maintenance checks and routine maintenance alerts

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Making your job easier

Solutions that simplify day to day operations

Maximise impact with a fleet management solution that meets the needs of your entire team.

Fleet Management Solutions

For your entire team

Fleet Manager

Simplify fleet management with dedicated tools to visualise your fleet’s performance using real-time alerts, customisable dashboards, and detailed reports. See the top insights for your business such as:

  • Accurate vehicle and trailer tracking
  • Real-time alerts for all driver behaviour
  • Reduce downtime with accurate fleet maintenance scheduling
  • Robust reporting and analytics

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Safety Manager

With real-time alerts, simplified communication, automated logging, and detailed reporting, you’ll always have full visibility of your fleet’s safety performance. Create a culture of safety for your company that employees can easily adhere to. See our top safety features:

  • Improve driver safety with real-time alerts
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Compliance & safety reporting
  • Develop personalised coaching programs

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Operations Manager

Rely on quick, accurate and trustworthy processes by digitising your workflow. Teletrac Navman fleet management software reduces time spent dispatching jobs and allows you to communicate with remote workers so you can provide accurate customer updates. Learn the top fleet tracking tools to improve operations:

  • Instant alerts for real-time route updates  
  • Vehicle usage & driver hours
  • Custom reporting and performance metrics
  • Proof of Delivery

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Compliance Manager

Receive real-time alerts, simplified communication and workflow, automated logging, and detailed reporting, you can rest assured knowing your employees are safe and your fleet is completing or surpassing all government standards. Get everything you need to create a culture of safety and compliance for your company in one solution. 

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Equipment Manager

Stop managing equipment without full visibility into its location, use and maintenance. Get visibility into unused assets so you can prevent equipment hoarding and reallocate assets where they’re most needed. Digital processes can ensure proper asset utilisation, leading to reduced costs. 

  • Determine the true cost of equipment ownership
  • Identify equipment location at all times
  • Real-time diagnostics and alerts to prevent potential violations

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Executive Level

Fleet management software easily grows with your business while providing business owners and executives the ability to see only the metrics they value most. Cut-through the analytical clutter to see a high-level overview of your business’ health in a single location, allowing your team to make crucial and informed decisions.

  • Receive custom reporting based on your KPI needs
  • Real-time alerts or scheduled notifications when costs exceed pre-determined benchmarks
  • Get full visibility into safety incidents and driver behaviour 

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On top of ensuring vehicles are correctly maintained and loaded, and that drivers aren’t driving too long, we’re able to run our fleet more efficiently. 

- Hornby Transport

Now that I know exactly how long it takes a truck to get from A to B, I can calculate travel time more accurately. I don’t have to make lots of phone calls to find out where the guys are and they can just get on with their work.

- Azzona Drainage Contractors