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Teletrac Navman

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Fleet Management Software

TN360 is the fleet management software that keeps you connected with your people, vehicles and assets. Its flexible solutions are designed to digitise fleet management and keep your business moving smoothly.

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Feature Reduce Fuel 158X158

Reduce Fuel Consumption

Manage idling and track fuel consumption across your fleet

Feature ELD Compliance 158X158

EWD Compliance

Stay compliant, avoid violations and optimise driver hours

Feature Increase Efficiency 158X158

Increase Efficiency

Understand operational performance and identify areas to improve

Feature Improve Safety 158X158

Improve Safety

Use the latest video technology to create a culture of safety

Callout Operational Efficiency 682X600

Operational Efficiency

Get the visibility and insight you need to run your fleet

Turn data into decisions with fleet management software designed to answer your biggest questions, instantly. With real-time location tracking, instant data capture from driver apps and industry leading analytics you will have everything you need to keep your fleet on road and running effectively.

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Driver Safety

Promote and monitor safe driving in a single platform

Develop a driver safety program designed to measure risk and encourage safe driving practices across your fleet. With the driver safety solutions on TN360, you can record performance and benchmark drivers with automated scorecards, create personalised training programs, ensure your fleet is fully maintained and get complete visibility with Smart Dashcams.

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Callout Driver Safety 682X600
Callout Fleet Compliance 682X600

Fleet Compliance

Protect your people, your assets, and your business

With real-time alerts, simplified workflows, automated logging and detailed reporting, you can rest assured knowing your employees are safe and your fleet is meeting all government standards. Get everything you need to streamline compliance management, so you can stay focused on running your business.

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Trustpilot Logo And Statement 1020X266

"My boss and I can be in office and see who's where and whether they are getting to their destination on time. It makes my job a whole lot easier."

Navajo DOT

"I've always said we have fantastic drivers, but with the cameras I now see how truly incredible their defensive driving skills are."

P&B Transportation, Inc.

"What really pushes you to telematics is the data. The data you can gather is just amazing."

Sherwood Construction

Flexible Fleet Management Software

We have the solution that meets your needs

Configure your custom solution using our online product builder, or take a look at some of the most common configurations.

Transport Safety and Regulatory Solutions
Smart solutions to protect your drivers

Smart solutions that are designed to protect your drivers and the operation through proactive fleet and compliance management.

  • Electronic Work Diary (EWD)
  • Proactive Compliance Management
  • Driver Coaching and Scorecarding
  • Digital FTC Management
Construction Productivity Solutions
Digital solutions to manage projects and sites

AI-enabled digital solution that helps you manage the four pillars that keep your equipment and business moving forward.

  • Vehicle and Asset Maintenance
  • Real-time Location Management
  • Compliance, Health & Safety
  • Utilization Reporting & Analytics
Service Fleet Digital Workflow Solutions
Manage vehicles and drivers in an all-in-one solution

Digital solutions that streamline processes and create insight so you can improve efficiency, reduce costs and stay competitive.

  • Monitor Remote Staff and Assets
  • Automate Previously Manual Workflows
  • Improved Levels of Customer Service
  • Increase Accuracy of Invoicing

Key Features

Take a look at some of the key features of our Fleet Management Software and explore our product library

Location Features

See how the location features in TN360 give you complete visibility over your fleet

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Drive Scorecards

Put safety first with scorecards for better driver training and coaching

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Analytics and Insight

Take a look at the powerful reporting and insights engine in TN360

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Job Management

Watch how easy it is to simplify job dispatch and management with Smart Jobs

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Maintenance Planner

Discover how you can increase uptime with digital maintenance scheduling

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Pre-trip Inspection Apps

See how easy it is for your drivers to complete pre-trip checklists and submit DVIR reports

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Fleet Management Devices

Keeping you connected to vehicles and assets

Take a look at the different fleet management devices that connect to the TN360 fleet management software

Hardwired Device 588X288

Professionally installed vehicle tracking devices are hardwired into the cab of the vehicle and are usually tamper-proof. Hard-wired devices add an additional layer of data security and reliability that other devices do not provide.

Self Install Device 588X288

Self-installed vehicle tracking devices can simply and easily be installed without a professional installation engineer. These are popular for a number of reasons, including quicker installation times and easier movement between vehicles.

Battery Powered 588X288

For climates where solar power isn’t ideal battery-powered asset tracking devices are a great alternative. With a battery life that can last up to 7 years, these devices are a great way to tracking smaller equipment when real-time updates aren’t required.

Solar Powered 588X288

For non-powered assets that spend a lot of time outdoors, solar-powered trackers offer a great deal of flexibility and allow for real-time tracking for assets in transit. These rugged, tamperproof devices include battery backup for when the solar access is limited.

Fleet Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

Fleet tracking software uses GPS technology to provide constant, real-time updates into the exact location of fleet assets. A GPS tracking device, cameras and other sensors installed in the vehicle record and transmit data via a cellular network. A cloud-based software program then analyzes and presents the data on clear, easy-to-understand dashboards and other reports.

The amount you will pay for a fleet management solution depends on the size of your fleet and how many assets you need to track. Most fleet management software providers, including Teletrac Navman, operate on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, meaning you pay a monthly subscription fee per tracked asset.

Key performance indicators related to cost control and budget adherence are always important to track, including total cost per mile and total fuel expenses. KPIs related to safety and driver behavior are critical. They allow you to guarantee that your vehicles, your drivers, and others on the road are as safe as possible at all times. 

Yes, fleet management software helps guarantee fleet compliance by digitally logging items, such as hours of service, in compliance with the electronic work diary mandate. 

This will vary depending on the provider you choose to work with. At Teletrac Navman, you get support through the purchasing phase up through deployment. Dedicated team members are also available to help 24/7/365.

Our professional services team provides white-glove support throughout the entire process, and a dedicated account manager helps ensure success throughout the life of the relationship.

Yes, you can use fleet management software to track the cost of maintenance across your business. Measuring items, such as repair turnover rate, can help you adhere to your preventative maintenance schedule and prevent unexpected downtime. It can also help you identify the ideal schedule for vehicle maintenance and replacement as well. 

Fleet tracking software can track vehicle issues, including routine maintenance and other comparable problems. This allows you to identify problems or trends that frequently occur, allowing you to either repair them or identify when a vehicle needs to be replaced with something more reliable as quickly as possible. 

Fleet Management Resources

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