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Job Management, Execution & Mobility

An integrated approach to job management - manage runsheets electronically to bring powerful functionality to business.

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Job Management and Execution

Flexible, powerful and integrated job management solutions

No two companies are the same. Getting something from A to B, and sometimes C, differs vastly between businesses. The contracts with customers to complete each job and its requirements can put a large amount of stress on both the driver and the business, to ensure that each party has what they need to get the job done.

As a result, these needs can prove difficult to manage on paper and manual processes. A flexible fleet management system that provides a scalable and mouldable job and execution platform helps to digitally manage the ever-expanding responsibilities that comes with transporting goods. 

From an off-the-shelf system to a customised workflow that integrates with existing freight management solutions, having the right tools at your disposal ensures you maximise efficiencies and promotes an increased level of productivity.

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jobs and operation management


An integrated approach to job management

Managing all tasks involved within each job can be difficult. The need to modernise business practices is important to effectively and efficiently manage jobs to allow your business to maximise profitability and improve customer service. This is typically a full-time job, and in a growing business, often a team’s worth of work.

TN360 SmartJobs Application
Digital job management platform

Designed as a job management solution for small to medium business in the transport and logistics space, SmartJobs is a system that enables business who don't need an expensive freight system to manage jobs. SmartJobs is an off-the-shelf job management and execution platform designed with a workflow suited to meet the needs of most businesses in the industry.

  • Job management workflow to suit small-to-medium businesses
  • Ability to create, manage and schedule runsheets with ease
  • View scheduled runs and assign to vehicles on the fly
  • Allows you to see current job progress to keep customers informed
  • Provides key metrics in real-time to help you better understand your jobs
  • Complete reporting, including KPI, non-delivery, proof of delivery, and more 
  • Driver application available through an in-vehicle device
SmartJobs Pro
Integrated job execution platform

Created to meet the needs of intricate business processes and complicated contract requirements, SmartJobs Pro is an integrated approach to job management that takes your processes and recreates it into a digital workflow to suit all related requirements. This is then integrated directly into an electronic freight management system to provide an advanced means to manage run sheets. 

  • Advanced reporting to help you better understand jobs, performance and efficiency
  • Integration with freight management system providers to link your existing systems*
  • Provides an interface for drivers to complete jobs digitally 
  • Customised workflow built to your business's processes
  • Options for barcode scanning, demurrage, pre-start checklists, navigation, sign-on-glass and photos for proof of delivery
  • Driver application available through an in-vehicle device or via an android-based handheld device, such as a tablet or PDA**

* see list of FMS integration partners below
** please consult Teletrac Navman's sales and support team to ensure the android-based devices are compatible

SmartJobs Pro Integration Partners

The power of a complete Freight Management System with a powerful execution platform

Teletrac Navman and its team of integration engineers and senior developers have created the ability for two-way communication between a variety of major freight management solutions (FMS) providers to give you the power to connect to your existing system or the choice to find an FMS provider that fits your business requirements. 

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