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porthaul fuel tax credits rebates case study

As a bulk transport business, Porthaul’s remit varies. One truck might be transporting fertiliser or grain, while another will be carrying live produce or limestone. This range of activities means it not only operates a large fleet of trucks, but also plant and heavy hauling equipment, logging vehicles, refrigerated vans and earthmoving machinery. With so much going on, the business wanted to better manage all these moving parts, and make sure it was getting maximum value out of each one.


As a transport company, it’s hard to believe Rocktrans began as a soft drink manufacturer called ‘Channels Cordials Atherton’ back in 1975. Catching the eye of Coca-Cola with its reputation for providing quality customer service, in 1980 it ceased manufacturing and began its 35-year evolution into Rocktrans, one of North Queensland’s leading distributors and transport solutions. Its relationship with Coca-Cola is still going strong, along with being an Agent on the Atherton Tablelands for the Toll Group, subcontractor work for Linfox, Visy Recycling, Aurora Recycling, and more.

Fulton Hogan

High demand is a great opportunity for any company. But for Fulton Hogan Transport, landing several big jobs brought the potential for some additional risks in achieving its time-honoured tradition of ‘doing what they say.’

“Since implementing this system, Fulton Hogan has met all its delivery requirements and our customer experience has improved substantially,” says Jeff Sherriff, National Transport Manager at Fulton Hogan.

Hornby Transport

For Hornby Transport, ensuring vehicles are roadworthy is a key priority. 

“The use of real-time data gives us a great deal of certainty in telling our customers the exact time a vehicle will arrive, whilst having the peace of mind that all legislative requirements are met." Adam Hornby, Managing Director, Hornby Transport

Operating Australia-wide bulk haulage transfers, Hornby Transport have achieved;

  • Compliance with fatigue management policies
  • Accurate data has improved business decisions
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced insurance premiums

Iplex Pipelines

Transparency is vital for healthy and stable customer relationships, especially when it comes to deliveries. Not only does it make the process more efficient for the business, but it results in a happier customer.

The problem was trying to maintain tracking deliveries of approximately 100 vehicles with a customer base spanning 14 sites throughout Australia in an efficient manner. It was evident change was required to make deliveries smoother and to keep customers in the loop easier.

“It’s never been about tracking deliveries, it’s about giving customers the added service” says Ronnie Smolinski, the Logistics Strategy Manager at Iplex Pipelines.

Reid Stockfeeds

Reid Stockfeeds enjoys these benefits with Teletrac Navman:

  • A 2% reduction in overall delivery freight costs equaling approximately $880,000 pa savings
  • Increased delivery efficiency
  • Automated runsheets and fewer driver discrepancies
  • Improved customer service

Andrew Snowdon, Chief Financial Officer of Reid Stockfeeds, is extremely pleased with the improved efficiencies they’ve seen as a result of tracking their vehicles.
"At first our drivers were suspicious of the tracking devices but now they’re fine and appreciate that they don’t have to do runsheets anymore"

Rogers Transport

Like many businesses in the transport industry, superior customer service and timely delivery of goods is a top priority for Rogers Transport.

Since partnering with Teletrac Navman, Rogers Transport now achieves:

  • On-time and accurate processing of demurrage fee, eliminating loss of $25,000 per annum
  • Increased productivity equating to $125,000 increase in revenue per annum
  • Fuel saving of $25,000 per annum

"This is ideal as we educate drivers on minimising unnecessary fuel burn and wear and tear on the trucks caused by idling,” said John Glass, General Manager, Rogers Transport.

Roma Transport

Roma Transport Services is a leading supplier of transport services to the Oil and Gas Industry. Today the company continues under the same partnership, however the business and its fleet has grown significantly to include 40+ prime movers, cranes, tilt trays, body trucks and 4WD vehicles.
“An In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) allows us to monitor and collect driver behaviour data, but we also needed to be able to provide comprehensive reports based on the data on a weekly to monthly basis as a contractual obligation.“  says Peter Garrels, HSC Compliance Manager, Roma Transport Services.

  • Real time fleet visibility, enabling improved fleet efficiency, better fleet scheduling and increased client service ability
  • Comprehensive custom reporting
  • Constant connectivity and communication with drivers in remote regions
  • Driver behaviour tracking and improved driver safety


Teletrac Navman iCOS LIVE integration enables significant business growth for ScuzzTrans.

Dealing with an increasing number of jobs for customers, all of them being time critical deliveries, ScuzzTrans needed a way to track and trace not only their fleet vehicles, but also the cargo on board each vehicle via a transparent easy-to-use and reliable system.

“As well as delivering smoother processes both in the office and in the truck’s cabs, we’ve been able to increase our container movements and yet retain the same staff numbers. We estimate that in the first six months of using the system we saved the business $50k by not having to employ additional staff to manually process the additional workload.” says Andrew “Scuzzy” McSweeny, Owner and operator, ScuzzTrans

Tas Petroleum

When Tas Petroleum was given the opportunity to become the state-wide distributor for the entire range of Shell Fuels and Lubricants, it quickly realised contractual agreements with a large multinational customer would be impossible for a small business to manage without the right systems in place.

“Improved fleet visibility allows us to focus our time and resources where they should be. We no longer have $500,000 of machinery that’s only working 40 per cent of the time that it’s available,” Jim Macbeth, Manager at Tas Petroleum, says.

Tomazos Transport

Transport & Logistics Operations Manager for Tomazos Group, Keith Joy, said the system had immediate benefits beyond simple vehicle tracking. “We were able to not only track speeds, routes and positioning of all vehicles in the fleet, but keep in constant communication with our drivers. A lot of the sites to which our vehicles travel are remote, so the satellite system allowed us to keep in touch without having to rely on limited mobile phone coverage or two-way radio systems,”

The system offers insights to informing decisions that have improved the day-to-day running of the business, often putting the company in front of the competitors, in the areas of:

• Health and safety• Fuel and tyre efficiency
• Event management• Driver management and communication
• Fatigue management• Government fuel rebates
• Maintenance monitoring 



CBH Group

CBH Group reaps benefits from partnering with Teletrac Navman to improve driver safety.

 “We wanted something that was easy to install but gave us online access to all the data we needed on vehicle location and driver behaviour,” CBH’s Group Manager, Shared Services, Ron Silvestri says.

  • Six-figure insurance premiums are down more than 10 per cent
  • Accident claims are 25 per cent lower year-on-year
  • Increased fuel-efficiency and reduce maintenance