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Goodsell Earthmoving

"The results have been quite substantial. We didn't realise just how much off-road work we were doing and what we could claim back as FTC."

Goodsell Earthmoving

Teletrac Navman's Construction Customers

Helping the Construction industry get connected

In today’s ultra-competitive construction sector, it’s important that all your equipment is working hard while your operators stay safe and productive. Idle time, fuel burn and unsafe use of equipment can seriously hurt efficiency. That’s why you need to tap into the huge volumes of useful data being produced by your vehicles and machinery. On a connected site, every asset, driver and operator generates insights that can be viewed on a single screen.

Continue reading how our customers in the construction industry are using telematics to improved their business.

Helping the Construction industry get connected

Goodsell Earthmoving

For almost 35 years, Goodsell Earthmoving has been hauling dirt to a range of construction companies across the Northern Queensland area. With a fleet of four trucks and 10 contractors working across multiple construction sites and private properties, its drivers spend a significant portion of time travelling off the public road network.

When it came to calculating fuel tax credit (FTC) rebates, Director Russell Goodsell found the business was not only underclaiming for fuel use, but also only claiming for fuel used on-road. He turned to Teletrac Navman to better understand the claims process, get a more accurate return and and cut down on both paperwork and admin time.


Azzona Drainage Contractors

Azzona drainage contractors

Sebastian Galizia, Azzona’s Quality Engineer, says, “Now we have full control of where everyone is. Better productivity, better time management, a more efficient team. It all starts with the Teletrac Navman system.”

Azzona Drainage Contractors enjoys these benefits with Teletracn Navman:

  • Timesheet savings of half an hour per day, $2,000 per week
  • Increased productivity resulting in saving two-three days per job
  • Fuel savings of 11% across the fleet
  • Greater control and visibility


Gore Earthmoving

gore earthmoving

Gore Earthmoving’s modern and extensive fleet of late model equipment includes scrapers, dozers, excavator, graders, water trucks, rollers, and compactors, as well as a comprehensive heavy haulage fleet. 

Given the diverse work and vast areas of projects, Director Mick Gore says “We immediately noted changes to company efficiency with significant increases in productive hours with drivers, workshop technicians and mechanics and office staff."

  • Monitor productivity through reporting
  • Improve the accuracy of preventative maintenance
  • Monitor the loading levels in and out of site to track productivity
  • Develop and execute efficient shift work


Preston Hire

preston hire crane

As a provider of construction equipment and specialist hire across Australia and New Zealand, Preston Hire worked hard to get where it is today. Started by the Preston family in 1969 as a small crane and scaffolding equipment hire business, it’s now evolved into a powerhouse for all things construction related.

It’s a one-stop shop for over 2500 customers across Australia and offers a high level of service for its customers, while supporting 68 employees and housing over 2700 light vehicles, elevators, heavy vehicles and service cranes.