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Teletrac Navman

Fuel Tax Credits


Teletrac Navman FTC Manager

A revolutionary solution for calculating and claiming Fuel Tax Credits

FTC Manager enables your business to streamline fuel tax credit claims with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and maximise claim value with full transparency and auditability. FTC Manager puts money back into your business, saves valuable time, minimises paperwork and eliminates guesswork.

FTC Manager is the first and most comprehensive solution with an ATO Class Ruling for maximising heavy vehicle FTC claims on an ongoing basis.

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Ftc 1B


Rebate rate for vehicles >4.5t travelling on public roads – most claims for heavy vehicles made at this rate

Ftc 2B


Rebate rate for all types of vehicles for auxiliary and off-road fuel use – claim more credits at this rate

Ftc 3B


Improved claim entitlement - per 100 litres - for fuel consumed at the auxiliary rate and for off-road travel

Ftc 4


Typical saving in administration time for most businesses using FTC Manager

Fleet Savings

Maximise Your Claims

Save Money - Maximise claim value with detailed off-road and auxiliary fuel use reporting. Accurate, transparent, ongoing tax rebates. Improved rebate value potentially in the range of $15 - $250 per vehicle per month.

Save Time - Claims processing and administration made easy. Automatic fuel consumption recording and claims  - calculations. Optional claims processing and retrospective rebate service for up to four years prior.

Remove Paperwork and Guesswork - Online ATO claims solution with Class Ruling compliance. Evidence-based claims provide a complete picture of claim entitlements for auditing. Reduced tax risk of penalty interest or fines.

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Credit Claims

What It Does

FTC Manager helps to increase your FTC entitlements with accurate off-road trip recording and auxiliary fuel consumption reports. It continues to reduce your administration time with streamlined claim preparation, automated claims calculations and easy to use online reporting. The solution Reduces your tax risk with ATO approved Class Ruling technology, full transparency and auditability of claims. FTC Manager provides knowledge and awareness of where your vehicles are, where they have been and how they are being driven.

Ease of Use

The Best Way to Work Out Your Fuel Tax Credits Claim

Partnered with PPM Tax & Legal to provide a unique service that supplies the data to support accurate FTC calculations. The solutions will calculate on-and off-road travel percentages but still require significant work to convert them into actual FTC claim amounts. FTC Manager doesn’t only record off-road travel for your vehicles. It accurately captures on-road travel, off-road travel, off-road idle and auxiliary fuel use.

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