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The 6 Spookiest Roads In Australia


Everyone loves a good ghost story and as Halloween approaches it's a great excuse to scare the living daylights out of each other with occurrences of paranormal activity, mysterious haunts and urban myth. The most popular ghost stories are often those of haunted houses just like the current horror movie Crimson Peak. But did you know there are also tales of spooky roads that can make your blood run cold. Don't believe us? Then read on to take a trip along Australia's top six spooky streets with stories of ghostly sightings and unexplained encounters that will have you locking your car doors and shaking in your seat!, driving past Australia's darkest crime scenes and a road trip which leaves you bamboozled.

  1. The Pilliga Princess, Newell Highway, NSW

The Pilliga Princess is supposedly an Aboriginal woman that used to be seen travelling on the Newell Highway between Narrabri and Coonabaraban in New South Wales. She was often seen hitch hiking between the two towns and getting lifts with truckies. She was the only Aboriginal person ever seen in the Pilliga as the Aboriginals believed it was evil land where bad spirits lived. She did this for many years ? no one quite knew who she was but she was famous for travelling the highway. One night in 1993 the Pilliga Princess was hit and killed by a truck who saw her too late as she was wandering across the road. Ever since then her ghost has reportedly been seen by many people travelling along the Newell Highway in NSW pushing her shopping trolley as she used to do.

To this day, truckers say they continue to see her with her trolley at night along the Highway.

  1. Wakehurst Parkway, NSW

Wakehurst Parkway is a roadway in French Forest, ca. 26 kilometres from Sydney CBD. It is unfortunately well known for its fatal crashes and creepy atmosphere as the road also has a dark history of being a dumping ground for Sydney murder victims. According to legend, a girl in a white dress appears on the Middle Creek Bridge where unsuspecting drivers go right through her. Other reported encounters are those of a nun apparition sitting in the back seat of the car and staring back at the driver through the mirror. A film documentary has been produced that takes both believers and sceptics to the Parkway reserve accompanied by a spiritual medium to investigate reports of paranormal activity. You can watch the trailer here.

  1. The Lady in Black ? Mount Victoria Pass, Lithgow, NSW

According to legend, this part of the Highway is haunted by the nasty Lady in Black. Since the mid-19th century, travellers reported that their horses were getting anxious as they approached the bridge and a figure of a young woman dressed entirely in black would suddenly appear in front of them ? some saying that her arms were raised in a suppliant gesture, her eyes shone in the dark like a tiger's or that she was headless. Immortalised in Henry Lawson's poem, it is believed to be Caroline Collits, a local girl from the Hartley Valley fiercely clinging to the back of vehicles and causing drivers to lose control. Her beaten and battered body was found beside the road in 1842.

  1. Wolfe Creek crater ? The Tanami Road, NT/WA

The Tanami Road is not only one of Australia's most remote roads but is also in one of the worst conditions, with a risk of getting bogged or driving in a ditch to avoid pot holes. It also attracts a lot of wildlife, so while you might have a lot of company from dingos, kangaroos or snakes, these companions won't be able to change a flat tyre or fix an engine if you break down. And what if that happens and you realise that you are stuck close to the Wolfe Creek Crater, made famous by the horror film "Wolf Creek", a story about a serial killer picking up backpackers travelling to the area. Good luck!

  1. Anti Gravity Hill, Straws Lane, Woodend, VIC

Woodend is located circa 80km north of Melbourne. Straws Lane and its Anti Gravity Hill is one of its best kept secrets and a place to most certainly leave you bamboozled.

Apparently if you stand near the bottom of the hill facing up hill and tip water onto the road, the water will flow up the hill and not downhill as it should! Place a ball on the road and the same thing happens, rolling up hill. Get in your car, stop at the bottom of the hill, put it in neutral gear and it will roll UP the hill. Very spooky!

  1. Belanglo State Forest, NSW

What is it about Belanglo State Forest? Featuring driving & walking tracks, creek crossings and forest camping, the pine forest, 140kms south west of Sydney, is unfortunately known for things other than its beauty. It became Australia's killing fields after remains of seven people were found in 1992, victims of the notorious Ivan Milat, decidedly Australia's worst serial killer.

Then again in 2010, bones of another woman the media called "Angel" were found only recently being identified as Karlie Jade Pearce-Stevenson, a young mother from Coober Pedy in South Australia, who was missing since 2008.

Are these roads and places really haunted? We would love to hear your stories.


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