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iCOS LIVE Online Transport Management Offers Real Time Tracking Technology

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Whether you’re overseeing 1 or 1500 vehicles, managing a fleet involves many complex logistical challenges. Organisations are looking to measure everything from driver locations, to time spent at a job, to travelling time and driver behaviour, without chewing up significant amounts of time or decreasing productivity. To address these requirements, Navman Wireless is expanding its technology product partner program with iCOS LIVE online transport management, providing enhanced functionality and ongoing value to both Navman Wireless’ and their partners’ customers.

iCOS LIVE Online Transport Management helps Scuzztrans organise their jobs

Such is the case for Navman Wireless’ customer, ScuzzTrans, a small, Queensland-based company, specialising in the transport of shipping containers. Under Andrew “Scuzzy” McSweeny’s leadership, the family-run business services the Port of Brisbane with its fleet of late model trucks and trailers, as well as covering northern New South Wales. With the number of jobs for customers increasing, and all of them being time critical deliveries, minimising the costs associated with demurrage and storage fees is vital to ScuzzTrans’ business. "Cargo sitting on wharves can incur significant costs to customers, so we were looking for a transparent, reliable system that would provide full fleet and cargo visibility and enable the effective management of loading and offloading containers, as well as scheduling vehicle work flows,” said Scuzzy. ScuzzTrans implemented a joint track and trace management system using a combination of Navman Wireless’ Qube tracking device and an iCOS online transport management system.  The integrated solution offers insights for Scuzzy to make informed decisions and has delivered a number of business benefits:

  • Full fleet and cargo visibility – Navman Wireless’s tracking technology sends accurate satellite GPS coordinates to the iCOS LIVE online transport management system, ensuring all despatch, freight, route and delivery detail information is in front of drivers in the form of electronic run sheets. With one glance at the iCOS LIVE view mapping, Scuzzy and his team know exactly where their vehicles are at any one time, as well as what is on board.
  • Reduced costs – In addition to delivering smoother process in the office and in the truck’s cabs, ScuzzTrans has been able to increase container movements while retaining the same number of staff. Scuzzy estimates that within the first six months of using the iCOS LIVE online transport management system, his business saved $50k by not having to employ additional staff to manually process the workload. In another instance, the combined data from iCOS LIVE and Navman Wireless saved ScuzzTrans $600 through providing accurate proof of delivery when a customer attempted to claim non-delivery of goods.
  • Considerable business growth – By improving the efficiency of his fleet’s operation, Scuzzy has been able to direct resources into securing new customers. He has grown his business by 35 per cent and is consistently delivering between 55 and 80 jobs per day, compared to 20 to 30 jobs prior to installing the new integrated system.

The role of fleet management in any transport company is crucial and through Teletrac Navman’s technology partner program, the integrated system has produced tangible benefits to ScuzzTrans’ business.

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