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Four Ways Your Fleet Can Benefit From IVMS

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

By installing an In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) into your fleet, your company will be able to go beyond simple vehicle tracking and improve overall fleet and equipment management and reduce costs. The solution can offer insights for fleet managers to make informed decisions to improve the running of your business and give your company a competitive advantage.

Tomazos Transport, an Australian owned and operated transport company was established to provide vehicles and building material transport capabilities to parent company Tomazos Group, a construction company operating since the 1970s. In September 2012, the company decided to install Navman Wireless IVMS in order to keep in touch with drivers in remote areas and more effectively manage the growing fleet.

The deployment of the Navman Wireless GPS fleet tracking system helped Tomazos Transport win the Institute of Quarrying Australia's 2015 Caterpillar Continuous Improvement Award.? "Since the installation of the GPS tracking system, we have utilised its programmes to cut costs, increase fleet efficiency, prolong the life of vehicle parts, promote good driver behaviour, and track WH&S and fatigue management," said Transport and Logistics Operations Manager, Keith Joy.

Here are four ways your fleet can benefit from IVMS:

Beyond vehicle tracking

Fleet managers will be able to not only track speeds, routes and positioning of all vehicles but keep in constant communication with drivers no matter how remote the journey. With Navman Wireless satellite system you will be able to keep in touch even when there is limited mobile phone coverage or no access to a two-way radio system.

Reduce costs and sustain long-term profitability

A fleet-tracking solution can help you consistently and effectively identify a number of ways to reduce costs associated with fleet and equipment management. By installing the IVMS, Tomazos Transport saw a number of significant cost savings including a reduction in insurance premiums, fuel costs and servicing and maintenance of fleet vehicles.

Safety first approach

With the Workplace Health and Safety Act driver safety should remain top of mind when it comes to managing your fleet. For example by integrating an IVMS and activating the driver out of the vehicle alert you will be able to receive a notification if the vehicle is still running while the driver isn't on board. This way you will be able to send assistance if the driver doesn't respond to the initial notification.

Key insights for future improvement

Tomazos Transport plans to expand to a larger, more diverse fleet and managing more vehicles could be a complex task . By having an IVMS, you can gain insight into how to improve efficiency of a fleet and the company's services with the data collected by the fleet-tracking solution.


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