Fleet Maintenance Software

Cut costs and increase vehicle uptime with fleet maintenance software

No one likes surprises when it comes to maintenance and fuel use, especially when on the road. Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR® is the award-winning fleet maintenance software that helps to avoid last-minute shocks to the shop. Recognise the signs and address them before a maintenance issue raises its head with our suite of customisable preventative maintenance tools. Keep your vehicles on the road and out of the garage with DIRECTOR. 


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Fleet Maintenance Software


Preventative Maintenance


The DIRECTOR preventative maintenance module ensures vehicle maintenance happens at the optimal time, helping to ensure your fleet remains profitable.

  • Calendaring tools let users set manufacturer-suggested or custom maintenance intervals
  • Instant maintenance alerts make sure even small fixes aren’t ignored
  • Proper recording of completed services and associated costs provides clear cost analysis

Advanced Engine Diagnostics


Real-time engine diagnostics keep fleets on the road and fleet managers in the know by providing critical insights into vehicle health.

  • Recognise issues before they turn into bigger problems
  • Prevent unnecessary downtime by only servicing vehicle when required
  • Understand how driver behaviour impacts vehicle lifecycle and maintenance intervals
Electronic Inspections

Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR)


Electronic forms are a top priority for companies to identify vehicle operation needs and safety issues. Drivers can now complete and submit daily vehicle inspections without wasting paper.

  • Digitally complete, save and send completed checklists and inspections via in-vehicle tablet
  • Reduce unexpected repairs that can keep vehicles off the road and delay productivity
  • Archive vehicle inspection reports for daily, monthly or yearly compliance and other reporting

Fuel Management


Eliminate fuel waste and cut costs dramatically with a proven, efficient fuel management system that combines route optimisation with maintenance and idling reports.

  • Monitor idling and unnecessary fuel burn with easy-to-read reports and alerts
  • Prevent poor driver behaviour, such as speeding and harsh acceleration with in-cab and back office alerts and reports





Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR fleet maintenance software records driver behaviours and highlights those using automated reports designed to provide driver feedback and coaching. Electronic maintenance logs act as an eyes-on-the-ground approach to preventative maintenance issues, with real-time visibility into the health and activity of every vehicle or piece of equipment in your fleet.


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