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Aggregate Mining

From efficiently achieving daily extraction targets to managing equipment utilisation and uptime, Teletrac Navman serves the aggregate mining, logistics and quarrying industries with a range of telematics solutions.

Managing production demands, costs and a range of on-road and off-road assets, these are just some of the many challenges and pressures facing aggregate mining. But it can get a lot easier with real-time data. Teletrac Navman serves the aggregate industry with GPS location, maintenance scheduling and production data analytics solutions.

Utilising technology to capture data from equipment is part of the global IoT revolution changing the extraction industry. The opportunity to convert data into operational insight and business value is driving exponential growth in the uptake of telematics. Teletrac Navman provides a manufacturer-agnostic platform that connects any asset - empowering forward-looking companies to harness the potential of their data to increase productivity, reduce costs, and ultimately achieve a new level of excellence across their operations.

Learn more about our top solutions for Aggregate Mining and Quarrying below...

Making the most of your equipment

The Qtanium 400 hardware unit is designed to track rugged assets.

Our mining solution helps locate stationary assets such as lighting towers and understanding operational status in real time. It helps highlight haul truck cycle times, excessive waiting periods, and provides smarter allocation of vehicles in geographic locations, helping reduce fuel and maintenance costs. Our Qtanium 350 hardware unit is specially designed to withstand extreme conditions while transmitting GPS and engine data. 

Teletrac Navman offers the following solutions:

  • Engine Management Solution – protect and extend the lifetime of your machinery by using our detailed engine information to identify issues and improve driver behaviour.
  • HD Data – review your fleet movements second by second in DIRECTOR drilling down into operational history.
  • Qtanium Connect – an extreme software solution system that is reliable, robust and allows you to keep track on all of your assets, from the largest dump truck to the smallest lighting tower.

Safety in mind

Getting the job done safely and efficiently goes a long way for mining fleets. Teletrac Navman has the ability to dramatically increase the industry’s fleet optimisation and business benchmarks. DIRECTOR enables users to easily pinpoint problem areas and take corrective actions to minimise safety risk for operators.

  • Improving driver behaviour and ensuring safety precautions are met
  • Implementing operational change based on hard data collected

Driver Fatigue Management – protect your mobile workforce and business with our innovative, end-to-end electronic work diary solution. Ensure operators are taking timely breaks and adhering to company policies.

Driver Identification – if multiple drivers use the same vehicle or machine, Driver ID can distinguish which driver is behind the wheel and report on associated behaviour.

Driver Scorecard and Behaviour Monitoring – provides fleet managers and drivers visibility into driving behaviour impacting safe driving, unnecessary fuel consumption and vehicle wear and tear.

Follow your assets in the most extreme locations

Satellite communication allows you to stay connected with your staff in remote regions. This 24/7 connection helps managers stay consistently up-to-date with operators’ statuses. Staff can help operators avoid risky situations, including fatigue, no matter the location. Satellite connections also enable businesses to make right-sizing decisions and analyse equipment usage patterns. By monitoring these trends, businesses can assign jobs to the right people and avoid unexpected downtime.


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