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Teletrac Navman

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Terms and Conditions Customer Referral Portal

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  1. This reward program is only open to current, existing Teletrac Navman customers, Authorised Installers, Approved Technology partners and Approved Associations. Teletrac Navman includes those using Transtech products and services.
  2. An existing customer is defined as having an actively tracked fleet using a Teletrac Navman product. Rewards will only be awarded where a referral is a new sales prospect to Teletrac Navman and excludes existing customers.
  3. An Authorised Installer is defined as an installation partner with a current Teletrac Navman service agreement and are not also a Teletrac Navman dealership/distributor/reseller partner or in breach of their service agreement.
  4. An Approved Technology partner and an Approved Association shall be defined as those companies or associations approved by Teletrac Navman for the purposes of this programme and listed here.
  5. Teletrac Navman staff members and their family and friends cannot participate in this reward program.
  6. Teletrac Navman Dealers (including distributors, resellers), including Telstra Dealers and their staff, family and friends cannot participate in this reward program.
  7. This reward scheme is not cumulative. Rewards are earned based on the number of vehicles on which Teletrac Navman equipment is installed by the referred customer in the initial sale. Any further vehicles fitted out with installed Teletrac Navman equipment by the referred customer after the initial sale and installation will not constitute a referral for the purpose of this program.
  8. Any customer acceptance decision is at the sole discretion of Teletrac Navman. Teletrac Navman is under no obligation to accept any Prospect as a customer for any or no reason.
  9. You warrant that you are not the employee or agent of any person you refer to Teletrac Navman and that you shall not represent yourself as an authorized agent of Teletrac Navman for the purposes of this programme. You acknowledge that you have no authority to, and will not, negotiate or make any commitments whatsoever on behalf of Teletrac Navman.
  10. You warrant that any person you refer to Teletrac Navman has consented to being contacted by Teletrac Navman for the purposes of selling Teletrac Navman products.
  11. Where applicable, the referring party should seek permission from their employer to submit referrals and inform them of the rewards they may receive.
  12. Prizes may differ from those pictured and are subject to availability. You will be notified if your chosen reward is unavailable and be offered alternative options.
  13. Teletrac Navman reserves the right to change the prizes on offer at any time.
  14. For the “Donate to Charity” option, Teletrac Navman will donate on your behalf the same dollar value as the Visa gift card for the applicable category. Teletrac Navman has selected these national charities to donate to: Ronald McDonald House Australia, Meals on Wheels Australia and RSPCA Australia. If you wish to donate to another charity, this is possible so long as the charity is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (
  15. Gifts will be awarded upon the referral of new customers only. Referrals of existing customers (as defined by Teletrac Navman) will not constitute a valid referral.
  16. All referrals must be submitted through the referral form (here) prior to the sale being finalised. Any referrals submitted after the sale has been completed will be ineligible for entry into the Teletrac Navman Rewards Program.
  17. This reward program is not open to government employees (including local government, statutory authorities and regulatory bodies) nor applicable to referral opportunities with government entities.
  18. Existing customers can make a maximum of ten successful referrals in a calendar year (January 1 – December 31). Authorised Installers, Approved Technology partners and Approved Associations can make a maximum of 30 referrals in a calendar year. A successful referral is any referral which directly results in a sale within 180 days of the referral being made.
  19. Teletrac Navman reserves the right to use their discretion when accepting referrals into the Teletrac Navman Rewards Program. Teletrac Navman has the right to audit the referrals received and will reject any referrals it believes contravene the terms and conditions of the program.
  20. All referral decisions will be made by Teletrac Navman and will be final.
  21. This scheme is administered by Teletrac Navman which reserves the right to end or amend the program at any time.
  22. By submitting a referral through the referring customer agrees that they will not unduly influence the referred person throughout the course of the sales process, will not give the benefit of the reward to any 3rd party and that they accept the terms and conditions as stated above.
  23. By making a referral and/or agreeing these terms we are committing to comply with the provisions herein.
  24. Rewards in the form of gift cards will be distributed as a lump sum on one card and cannot be split across multiple cards.

Date: 21.05.2020