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Teletrac Navman

Change the way drivers interact with the road and environment to create safer outcomes with our Smart Dashcam

Equipment Ownership Cost Tracking


Jobsite Cost Tracking

Accurate, real-time jobsite cost management

The Teletrac Navman Site360 solution provides real-time cost tracking capabilities so you can focus on the things that really matter. Monitor equipment operator and contractor hours, equipment use and more, from the office or in the field. 

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Jobsite Cost Tracking Macbook

Equipment Cost Tracking

Stay On Budget, On Time and On Track

The construction industry is transforming with the ability to monitor costs related to materials, labour and equipment usage automatically and from anywhere with sensor-driven data taken directly from the field. Using this data, fleet management software provides businesses with the insights to predict and overcome project delays and communicate with customers before they become unhappy.

Stay On Budget, On Time And Track
Job Site Cost Management

Site Cost Tracking

Jobsite Cost Management

With Teletrac Navman, you can automatically collect data on a range of project-related costs as they are incurred. These items are recorded and measured with GPS location, date and time to provide detailed reports to clients. No more debating the bill, now you can provide irrefutable proof of the job done.