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Teletrac Navman

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Equipment Maintenance

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Equipment Maintenance

Understand the equipment maintenance needs across your entire business in real-time

Increase productivity and boost profits with preventative maintenance through the Teletrac Navman jobsite management platform. Prevent avoidable instances of equipment downtime by setting reminders and alerts, and keep track of maintenance records in one system that’s accessible on any device from anywhere.

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Fleet Maintenance

Automate Maintenance Management

Fully automate your maintenance routines with custom schedules and real-time access to equipment diagnostics and inspection reports. Reduce equipment downtime with automated equipment maintenance reports.

  • Use diagnostics and GPS to track asset and equipment conditions
  • Create an unlimited number of maintenance types
  • Set schedules based on manufacturer and business requirements
  • Report on past schedules and equipment conditions
capture maintenance information electronically
get notified of key maintenance needs

Maintenance Notifications

Get Notified of Key Maintenance Needs

Real-time engine diagnostics alert fleet managers to equipment maintenance needs, no matter where the asset is located. Eliminate maintenance guesswork by storing all records in one system.

  • Use GPS to track odometer and engine hour values
  • Set alerts on your scheduled maintenance items
  • Get instant notifications on your scheduled services within the system

Maintenance Reporting

Capture Maintenance Information Electronically

Replace slow and error-prone paper-based processes by capturing key maintenance milestones electronically. Get ahead with maintenance planning and schedule planned service requirements with up-to-the-minute equipment information.

  • Ensure you keep track of historical vehicle and equipment maintenance 
  • Use vehicle and engine performance metrics to keep track of use and conditions
  • View a number of other key metrics like fuel usage, utilisation, and more
capture maintenance information electronically

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle, fleet and equipment maintenance

There are a large number of questions that constantly get asked of us or within the industry. Here is a short compilation of some of what's been asked that may help you better understand topics surrounding maintenance and your fleet.

Preventative maintenance refers to the regular and routine maintenance required to keep a fleet of vehicles or equipment in peak working condition. It’s a necessary strategy to prevent unplanned downtime and the costs associated with unanticipated asset failure. 

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Predictive maintenance is the act of using historical data to improve fleet efficiency. Predictive maintenance tells fleet managers not only what their trucks are doing, but what they will do in the future. Different equipment performs different tasks and therefore they have different needs. Predictive maintenance can help identify which equipment needs maintenance more regularly and which problem areas can occur frequently.

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Fleet maintenance is the monitoring and servicing of equipment and vehicles to prevent breakdowns and malfunctions and extend the life of assets. Preventative maintenance follows a pre-planned schedule, whereas predictive maintenance is based on real-time data on equipment health and performance.

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Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) helps make maintenance operations more reliable and simpler to manage – resulting in a lighter workload, increased productivity with staff, and increased protection of assets against excessive wear and tear or unexpected breakdowns.

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Fleet maintenance is the process of keeping your vehicles operating in a good enough condition so that they are safe, reliable and can stay on the road longer. Developing a preventative maintenance program is an integral part of managing a fleet and helps businesses reduce operating costs and improve vehicle inspection outcomes, among other benefits.

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