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What is FTC manager

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Data Blocks

FTC Manager enables your business to streamline fuel tax credit claims with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and maximise claim value with full transparency and auditability.


How is FTC Manager different to my current claims process?

FTC Manager automatically tracks and apportions off-road and auxiliary fuel usage with highly accurate location-based technology and detailed off-road mapping.  This ultimately means that you are able to make ongoing claims with maximum FTC entitlement at the highest rebate rate. When compared to standard accounting methods for making FTC claims, FTC Manager frequently achieves significantly higher returns, even for business that have already had claims advice and audits by recognized tax experts.  FTC Manager enables you to upload fuel transaction data and automatically calculate your claim entitlement, reduce paperwork and administration time with full transparency and the assurance of ATO Class Ruling processes. So not only does FTC Manager put more money back into your business, it eliminates the administrative pain and hassle you normally have to endure every month.

Do I have to have Teletrac Navman GPS hardware to use FTC Manager?

Yes, our hardware enables Teletrac Navman to provide the level of detail and accuracy required to maximize your potential FTC claims. Our hardware is also part of our Class Ruling solution as agreed with the ATO. Added to this – you also gain full GPS fleet management and telematics with Teletrac Navman DIRECTOR.

Existing Customer – can I use my existing hardware?

In most cases the answer will be yes. If you are already a Teletrac Navman customer your existing hardware will likely work with FTC Manager. FTC Manager requires devices that support high-resolution, second-by-second GPS tracking data which is a factor in our ATO Class Ruling. Consult your Teletrac Navman dealer to confirm your tracking unit provides this functionality.

How far back can I claim first up? 

PPM can assist you to make claims for a lump sum refund for the previous four years. This is part of our GOLD service. PPM can prepare a retrospective claim utilising one month of location data from FTC Manager.

I have multiple different types of vehicles and fuel types, can I still use FTC Manager?

Yes, FTC Manager is specifically designed for fleets and accommodates different types of vehicles and fuel.

Who are PPM Tax & Legal?

PPM is an indirect tax advisory company that specialises in the provision of advice relating to Fuel Tax Credits.  PPM staff have years’ of combined experience working for “Big 4” accounting firms, the Australian Taxation Office and State Revenue Offices.  They have strong working relationships with tax authorities and have secured many millions of dollars’ worth of FTC refunds for their clients.

Why are PPM involved with FTC Manager?

Teletrac Navman is not a registered tax agent and cannot provide taxation advice.  PPM’s involvement allows us to offer a service that not only produces the data to support FTC calculations but also does the calculations themselves.

Do I have to use the PPM FTC claims service?

All Gold and Silver customers receive FTC claim calculation advice from PPM.  PPM specializes in achieving the maximum returns possible and has been involved with the design of FTC Manager so is best-placed to use the software to maximize claim entitlements. If you still prefer to do the calculations yourself or use another claims accounting service, you can elect the Bronze product which reports on the underlying GPS data but does not calculate FTC entitlements. 

What exactly will I get from PPM if I use the Gold or Silver services?

All Gold and Silver customers will receive a formal letter of advice from PPM detailing how their fleet has been setup within FTC Manager maximise FTC entitlements.  The initial letter of advice will also provide detailed instructions to maximise claims on an ongoing basis.  Customers will also receive formal advice letters from PPM after the initial and periodic reviews.  PPM will also handle all FTC audits by the ATO on behalf of Gold and Silver customers and be available to provide ongoing support where required.  In addition to this, gold customers will receive a formal letter of advice regarding the retrospective refund entitlements following completion of PPM’s retrospective refund review.

What does the ATO Class Ruling mean? Will I still get audited?

The ATO Class Ruling means that the Australian Taxation Office has reviewed the FTC Manager system and declared that the reports produced are able to be used to support FTC claims.  FTC claims made using FTC Manager will be accepted by the ATO. However, this does not exempt you from an audit. The ATO may still wish to examine your claim. FTC Manager provides full transparency to support any audit and PPM are here to help and advise you to ensure your claim entitlement is fair and reasonable.