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Teletrac Navman

Change the way drivers interact with the road and environment to create safer outcomes with our Smart Dashcam

Global Utility Construction


Global Utility Construction


“We’ve found that installing the trackers in our vehicles, plant and other equipment has given us great peace of mind. Now, if a crew is working remotely and has to leave site for a weekend, we can keep an eye on the assets and make sure that everything is where it should be at all times.”

Peace Of Mind Provided By Technology

To fulfil its requirements, GUC turned to Teletrac Navman and installed GPS enabled asset trackers. It’s now easy for Aaron and his back-office staff to track vehicle and asset locations, giving peace of mind and ensuring drivers are never far away from help.

The trackers have really helped to reduce admin costs”, Wright says. “We don’t have to constantly sit on a phone ringing people to find out where they are or if they’ve made it to site. We aren’t chasing down who is where, and what they're doing. We just jump onto the platform and can see where everything is,”, he explains.

The solution has also reduced time spent on timesheet management and given GUC the confidence that the hours recorded are accurate.

“We’re really happy with all the efficiencies we uncovered when we started to use the Teletrac Navman solution. We used to have to chase down timesheets from staff, and then check and double check that they were accurate. Now, we can compare timesheets that the drivers are filling out with the GPS data we get from Teletrac Navman and make sure that everything is correct.”

The true value of the technology was revealed when a traffic control ute was stolen from a worksite in Parramatta. As the vehicle was fitted with telematics, GUC provided the police with the real-time location of the vehicle, allowing them to pursuit, ultimately apprehending the thieves and recovering the vehicle.

The telematics implementation was so successful that GUC looked at additional applications of the technology, such as using the data for more accurate Fuel Tax Credits (FTC) claims.

With our plant and equipment, the range that we can claim on FTC is different from road use to private use”, says Wright. “So, we use the GPS trackers to qualify which vehicles are on site and running through fuel. Then, we can then work out our fuel costs, which has really helped us to be more accurate with our claims and get more back into the business. It provides the bigger picture. And this year alone it's paid for itself.”


Asset Tracking Delivers Unexpected Efficiencies

Since implementing the Teletrac Navman GPS vehicle tracking solution, Global Utility Construction has:

  • Provided peace of mind by tracking vehicles and expensive plant and stationary machinery, even remotely.
  • Reduced admin costs and hours previously spent on locating drivers and completing timesheet processes.
  • Increased savings by offering more accurate Fuel Tax Credits claims.
  • Improved safety and duty of care, allowing GUC to contact staff in the case of vehicle breakdowns in remote areas

About Global Utility Construction

Founded in Sydney, Australia in October of 2006, Global Utility Construction has become an industry leader in the utility construction field. From design to project execution, Global Utility offers clients complete end-to-end design and utility construction services. Like most successful businesses, Global Utility Construction began as a dream and has since flourished into a thriving company and industry front runner.