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Teletrac Navman

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Satellite Communications

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Satellite Communications

 Dependable comms for your drivers and assets no matter where they are 

While the cellular network is vastly improving, your business and the staff within may not work in areas where there is signal at all times. Knowing where your staff are, or assets are located, is of extreme importance for safety and duty of care. 

Teletrac Navman’s Satellite Communications solution gives you the power of visibility with your employees, vehicles, and equipment. With the ability to stay in constant communication with 

your staff no matter where they are, the solution extends your assets connectivity beyond cellular limits for truly global coverage. 

While traditionally satellite communication can be expensive, Teletrac Navman’s solution allows for costs to be easily managed through the fleet management system. It allows you to define what information is prioritised and how you want to receive it. 

Global Comms 

Using a constellation of 66 low-orbit satellites, always stay in communication. 


Fits all within a low-impact IP67 rated casing to protect from the harsh elements. 

Reduce Costs 

Choose what comms you want to receive to reduce costs and operate safely. 


Sat comms is only activated when the vehicle is outside of cellular range. 

Features & Benefits


  • Access to the satellite network via the internal Iridium SBM Modem for lower latency and superior network capabilities. 
  • Paired with vehicle telematics and an external antenna for improved communications, and line of site for compromised or partially blocked locations. 
  • Get instant updates on the important information you need to see as it happen - set lower priority event data to be stored and communicated when the vehicle is back in cellular coverage. 
  • Stay in touch with your driver via the messaging function even when in satellite connectivity. 
  • Reporting for visibility into how each asset is utilised, and the activities undertaken, including summary, alarm, and distance trip reports. 
  • Activity logging for events such as ignition status, geofence, and driver behaviour metrics, like harsh usage, roll over and over rev. 
  • Receive GPIO digital input alerts and reporting, such as duress buttons or seatbelt monitoring. 

Technical Specifications

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Certifications: US (FCC), EU (CE Mark), RoHS Compliant, FCC, IC, CE, Iridium® Satellite Network Certification 

Environmental Compliance SAE J1455 

Ratings: IP67

Input / Output: Primary 10-way Serial, Secondary 18-way Serial 

Interfaces: AT+ Command, RS232 

Connectivity: Iridium SBM Modem 

Frequency: 1616-1626.5 MHz 

SBD Transceiver: Iridium 9602N 

Antenna: External, Integrated Iridium Certified Antenna 

Supply Voltage: 9 - 32V, maximum 1.6W 

Current Consumption (Average):
Power On Max Current 0.5A
Operational Max Current 0.3A 

Low Power Modes: < 200uA 

Reverse Polarity Protection: Yes 

Height: 39mm 
Width: 80mm 
Depth: 130mm 

Weight: 320g 

Tracking: 60 minute timed updates, can be set to 30 minutes 

Operating Temperature: -40ºC to +80ºC 

Storage Temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC 

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