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Teletrac Navman

Our Electronic Work Diary is now NHVR-approved for use - Press Release | EWD Solution

Mobile Fleet Management Solution


Mobile Fleet Management Solution

Your work and your workforce on the go 

The fleet and compliance management industry has evolved, as so have we. With our fleet management solutions available as application on your mobile, businesses can tap into real-time data and analytics directly from the mobile in a neatly packaged application. As you travel, our mobile applications take the daily journey with you to keep you in the loop wherever you are. The added flexibility of using your smartphone to do business helps increase productivity while also adding expectations from customers.

“Mobility is at the heart of fleet management. We have taken what has been historically an at-a-desk job, and made it mobile. By allowing fleet managers the ability to use a smartphone to manage their fleet, we have powered businesses to increase productivity.”
- Sid Nair, Senior Director, Transport & Compliance, Teletrac Navman


Our industry-leading GPS fleet management application for Teletrac Navman customers. It provides insight into where your vehicles are, what they are doing, and lets you easily and cost-effectively communicate with your mobile workforce.

  • Find a vehicle or asset and view activity, location, and speed.
  • Get instant insight into each vehicle’s status.
  • Easily communicate with one or multiple vehicles with easy to use messaging features.
  • Instantly send a destination address with navigation instructions directly to a driver, providing turn-by-turn directions.
  • View a vehicle's driving history (breadcrumb trail) as plotted on a map.
  • Use Google's standard or satellite maps, including Street View option.

NextGen Mobile

NextGen Mobile provides the tools to empower you to manage your vehicles from anywhere with an Internet connection. The solution provides the big data you need to analyse trends and identify exceptions, allowing you to focus your time in the areas that are negatively affecting your business.

  • Ability to track vehicles & retrieve their current status incl. last contact, speed and location
  • Send & receive messages directly from app and NextGen
  • Replay last 24 hours of movements
  • Directly contact drivers on the road 
  • View alerts and notifications

TN360 Mobile

TN360 Mobile is mobile solution that gives the business and its people the ability to manage vehicles, people and machinery with ease, direct from their smartphone devices. The power to give you the analysis you need at your finger tips when you need it the most is important. 

  • Real-time location management and tracking
  • View vehicle stats and status
  • Direct messaging system to drivers
  • Replay last 24 hours of movements 
  • A view into alerts and notifications