Locate trailers with an all-in-one fleet management solution

Protect your trailers, even when they're not connected to a vehicle, in real-time from any device, anywhere. 

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Managing your Fleet of Trailers with Ease

Having the right trailer ready for the next available job is vital to maintaining your business. Eliminate the hunt for the locations of your trailers, even when they're parked up or unhitched, to better manage your tasks and improve returns. 

  • Keep a constant eye on assets and reduce wasted time and resources 
  • Ensure that your trailer fleet is dispersed optimally across each of your yards
  • Improve on the productivity of your trailers to increase revenue for your company
  • Easily keep track of distance travelled to better manage maintenance schedules
Real-time movement alerts to help reduce theft

Real-time movement alerts to help reduce theft

You no longer have to worry about trailer or cargo theft with real-time alerting for trailer movements. With trailer tracking, you are able to monitor activity whether the trailer is or isn’t connected to a vehicle.

  • Stationary to movement activity monitory for all trailers, whether powered or non-powered
  • Diminish the chances of theft by keeping a virtual eye on assets
  • View historic usage in the last day, week, month or year
Geofences and trailer tracking

Real-Time Geofencing with Trailer Tracking

When you know where your trailers are and how they are being used, you can easily manage use, including illegal, from any device. Create geofences, gather trailer use information, pull data, and create usage reports in one integrated system, no matter the make or model of the trailer.

  • Create, set up and manage geofences to monitor trailer movement outside of designated areas
  • Instant alerts for entry, exit, overtime and under-time within geofences
  • Alerts sent directly to your phone or email when trailers are moved





With instant access into trailer locations, you are able to maintain maximum efficiency with GPS trailer tracking from Teletrac Navman. In addition to the greater security of valuable goods and equipment, trailer tracking provides real-time insights into powered and non-powered assets for improved theft recovery, maintenance and inventory.
To learn more about how you can optimise your trailer fleet, contact Teletrac Navman for more information.


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Asset Tracking
Accurate GPS location of any asset, powered or unpowered. Excellent 4G network coverage for real-time position updates. See it all in one system.

Easy to Manage
Simple self-installation. Define yards and job sites through GPS geofences and report on equipment location, activity and utilisation by site. Receive alerts on equipment events such as movement from sites after hours indicating potential theft.

Self-Sustaining Battery Power
5-7 year battery life depending on update rate and extended with built-in solar charging capability.

Reliable and Built to Last
Rugged and waterproof IP67 rated housing. Discrete, highly durable, slim-line design.

Cost Effective
Dual 4G and IoT network communications make the hardware both future-proof and highly cost efficient using the latest in IoT technology. These networks feature excellent power conservation and area coverage coupled with optimised data bandwidth and speed, providing the best balance of cost and performance.

Minute by Minute Updates
Stay up to date with up-to-date asset location and trip replay. Receive alerts if an asset enters or leaves a geofenced area or location all via SMS, email and in-system notifications. 


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