Actionable Fleet Data

Empowering you to make the right decisions

Ever had a spreadsheet you couldn’t understand? Unclear, dense data is of no help to a business. That’s why we make information simple and easy to process. DIRECTOR’s alerts, dashboards, and intelligence tools support quick decisions and far-reaching strategy with the same unshakeable foundation. We give you something better than just data. We give you clarity.



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DIRECTOR presents data in clear, easy-to-read charts and graphs.

Dashboards and Reports

Dashboards give you both the big picture and the details. One screen displays a snapshot of the trends that matter most to your business. A few clicks takes you deeper, showing how vehicles and drivers are contributing to performance patterns. Users can configure their own dashboards and schedule their own reports to get different perspectives on the business. Trackable metrics include:

  • Fuel usage
  • Idling activity
  • Fleet utilisation
  • Unauthorised vehicle use
  • Driver proficiency 


Alerts give real-time updates on crucial fleet activities. Designed to facilitate quick, effective decisions, alerts appear on DIRECTOR’s screen and can automatically be emailed or texted to designated recipients. Users can assign alerts’ priority level to ensure staff members take the proper course of action. Alerts can signal many different events, such as:

  • Idling
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Geofence entry
  • Speeding
  • Harsh turning
  • Compliance violation

Utilisation Analysis

DIRECTOR shows where, how, and why vehicles are being used. Managers can easily determine which drivers are helping the company and which may need further coaching. They can also identify underutilised vehicles for right-sizing decisions. DIRECTOR’s library of utilisation reports includes information regarding:

  • Number of days used
  • Total distance traveled
  • Location of stops made
  • Quantity and cost of fuel used

Business Intelligence

When you need to explore every possible avenue, there’s Business Intelligence. The module aggregates data from DIRECTOR and your back-office platforms to create an all-encompassing view surpassing any one system. Connect vehicle and driver information with payroll, taxation, billing – any data source that deserves a close look. We configure Business Intelligence for every business to ensure it reflects the information that you need. Our Business Intelligence module provide:

  • Integration between different data sources
  • Financial performance charts by region 
  • Configurable graphs and productivity heat maps

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