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Reporting and Insights

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Fleet Performance Reporting

Give your team the information to take action with confidence

Ever had a spreadsheet you couldn’t understand? Unclear data is of no help to a business, and that is why we make information simple and easy to process. With instant alerts, dashboards, and intelligence tools you will be able to make quick decisions and develop strategy with confidence.

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A Single View of Performance

Natural Language Search & Dashboards

Dashboards give you both the big picture and the details. One screen displays a snapshot of the trends that matter most to your business. A few clicks takes you deeper, showing how vehicles and drivers are contributing to performance patterns. The natural language search module adds additional capability, where you can simply ask a question and the application will visually display the data that answers your question.

Driver Scorecard

Benchmark & Reward Drivers

Driver Scorecard is a feature that analyses the data captured by your telematics devices and provides unique insight into driver performance. From speed and idle time, through to acceleration and braking, drivers are ranked to help you identify high risk drivers and discover opportunities for improvement.

Real-Time Alerts

Never Miss a Critical Event

Alerts give real-time updates on crucial fleet activities. Designed to facilitate quick, effective decisions, alerts appear on screen and can automatically be emailed or texted to designated recipients. Users can assign an alert priority level to ensure staff members take the proper course of action.

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Set & Measure Goals That Matter

The first step to a successful fleet analytics program is to set the right goals and to communicate performance against targets. Our solutions enable you to easily understand current performance and track improvements across important fleet management KPI's covering safety, productivity and sustainability.

Software Integration

Create Powerful Insight 

Don’t waste time logging in and out of multiple systems to aggregate the information you need. With our open API, you can connect all your systems in one place and streamline your technology ecosystem to keep your operations running smoothly.

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