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Farm Gate Access in NSW

Data Blocks
Data Blocks


Farm Gate Access in NSW

Getting the most of your vehicles is not just about the type of vehicle you run. Ensuring you’re enrolled in the correct program can reduce the red-tape and ensures you’re able to operate at maximum potential. This is especially true with first and last-mile access provided through NSW Farm Gate Access.

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Driven by industry needs and developed in conjunction with associations, the NHVR, TCA and local councils, Farm Gate is designed to improve freight productivity by connecting first and last mile journeys direct to the farm gate. It introduces conditional access for HPV’s (high productivity vehicles) transport grain and livestock on council roads in participating areas (currently: Tamworth, Gunnedah, Narrandera, Coolamon, Temora, and Junee).

Farm Gate

The Benefits

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Do more with less - fewer trips across the freight task

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Reduction in the need for access permits making it easier for farmers and operators

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Better utilise your high productivity vehicles right to the farm gate

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First and last mile access with greater ease

Farm Gate Access in NSW

It's easy to get started!

  1. If your vehicle is already fitted with a TCA-approved telematics device, get in touch to get started.
    1. If you have no fitted telematics, get started today with hassle free installation
  2. We’ll handle all aspects of enrolment for you.

Heavy vehicles eligible to operate on the Farm Gate Network must be fitted with a telematics device and be enrolled in the Farm Gate scheme. Ensuring your vehicles are eligible to operate under the NSW Class 3 Livestock Transportation or Grain Harvest Management Exemption Notices is important.

You can enrol vehicles by getting in contact with Teletrac Navman or TCA. The data generated from vehicles is shared with TCA, who then aggregates and de-identifies all data to report on road usage can be made available to Transport for NSW and participating local governments.

Farm Gate Access Scheme 

Enrolment and Reporting Process


Notify Teletrac Navman, an approved provider,  of intent to participate in Farm Gate project, and have telematics installed in vehicles


Telematics data is automatically captured from vehicles in real-time


Teletrac Navman packages data and sent to TCA who de-anonymise the information


Road managers and Authorities are able to view data collected