Fleet Management Resource Library

Staying on top of the latest fleet management and telematics trends could be a daunting task but the resource library below could help. From ebooks to white papers, the resources below are aimed to provide you actionable insight so you can better manage your fleets and business.

Ebooks / White Papers

How to Build Advantage with Fleet Analytics

Download the free ebook to learn how GPS fleet tracking helps your business

Fatigue Management with Electronic Work Diaries

Learn about effective fatigue management with electronic work diaries

Minimize Fringe Benefit Tax

Learn how to minimize Fringe Benefit Tax

Improve Safety in the Mining Industry

Learn ways to improve safety in the mining industry

Driver Safety and WH&S Compliance

Keep drivers safe and compliant with WH&S regulations

Get Ahead with Integrations

Learn how to maximize fleet management with integrations

Driver Safety and Compliance

Tips for keeping your drivers safe and compliant

SMB Fleet Management

Learn how to manage your SMB fleet more effectively

Construction Fleet Management

Learn about the most imported and exported items

Autonomous Trucks Research

Learn how self-driving autonomous trucks will impact your business

Construction Health and Safety

Learn how to improve onsite health and safety

Impact of Electronic Work Diaries

Learn more about how electronic work diaries are being adopted

FTC Manager Solution

Fuel tax refunds made easy with a comprehensive solution

10 Benefits of Telematics

Learn how your business can benefit from implementing telematics

Safety Culture for Safer Worksites

Adopting safety culture helps to build safer worksites to protect workers

Construction Asset Utilisation

Learn how to save time and increase profits by effective asset utilisation

How IoT is Shaping the Future

IoT is becoming increasingly important and there are ways your business can benefit

Benchmark Reports

2017 Construction Benchmark Report

Get insights on trends within the global construction industry

2017 Transport Benchmark Report

Learn about trends within the transport industry