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Construction Safety Adviser

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Data Blocks

Construction Safety

Your Guide to Successfully Implementing Safety in Construction

Reducing Risk in the Workplace - not adhering to safety standards can have extreme implications for your business, including loss of business reputation, higher insurance premiums and, in the case of serious incidents, severe injury to your workers.

How to Create a Comprehensive Construction Safety Program - getting your workers safely home after a day on the job site should be a high priority for any business. Your workers are vital for the future of your business, and ensuring their safety is important.

How to Use Your Fleet’s Data to Prevent Incidents - implementing GPS-enabled telematics across your mixed-fleet assets, from light-commercial vehicles through trucks and diggers, gives you a direct line of sight into how your assets and workers are performing while on duty.

Lower Costs and Increase ProfitsThrough Safety Management - organisations that have integrated safety into everyday practices can expect a variety of benefits, including new business opportunities, productivity and cost-savings.

8 Steps to Minimise Risk - after assessing the risks facing your business and identifying reoccurring behaviours, the next step is to put new safety procedures in place or build on existing ones with a Safety Management System (SMS).

Safety Management System

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