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Construction Preventative Maintenance & Asset Location

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

Stay Ahead

Learn the key to asset locations and preventative maintenance

With the recent boom in infrastructure, construction projects are ample and jobs are in ready supply. 

Yet, despite the abundance of work, many construction companies are struggling to break even. Why? A lack of understanding and visibility leading businesses to undercharge on bids, overcapitalise in assets and unable to track work effectively. By tapping into readily available data, you can gain a window of visibility into projects that reveal new insights into your business. 

Ensuring you fully utilise your machinery effectively for projects is key. You can’t physically have your eyes and ears everywhere. Telematics lets you track the movement and usage of your assets to ensure workflow is maximised. Download the eBook to find out telematics can help. 

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Keeping everyone out of harm’s way is a top priority within any project, along with clear safety procedures and training for your workers.

Safety Barricades

You never intentionally send out substandard equipment, but it can happen especially if the condition is unknown or the service history is missing.

Building A Clearer Picture

Using telematics, you can view the real-time locations of all your assets, including vehicles and equipment, along with their maintenance schedules.