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Construction Asset Utilisation

Data Blocks
Data Blocks

With the recent boom in infrastructure, construction projects are ample and jobs are in ready supply. 

Yet, despite the abundance of work, many construction companies are struggling to break even. Why? A lack of understanding and visibility leading businesses to undercharge on bids, overcapitalise in assets and unable to track work effectively. By tapping into readily available data, you can gain a window of visibility into projects that reveal new insights into your business. 

Don't Leave Money Lying in the Dirt

Utilising your Construction Assets to Save Time and Increase Profits

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  • Asset Monitoring 
  • Hard Evidence
  • Reduce Costs
  • Maintenance Management
  • Driver Behaviour

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Strict Working Times

Time is a finite resource so workflow must be maximised to keep projects on schedule. Delays caused by break downs or unexpected maintenance checks need to be minimised so that operators aren’t waiting for an asset to be repaired.


Running a motor when a machine isn’t in use for an extended period can have serious consequences on asset status and budgeting. Aside from being a waste of resources, adding to fuel costs, fuel won’t burn at the correct temperature, resulting in damaged internals..

Value for Money

Any large-scale technology project will involve some disruption. Minimising this is critical or you’ll end up with disgruntled employees, a delayed project timeline and unhappy customers.